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Sales EthicsIntroductionSales ethics has been by many people as an oxymoron as they wonder how one can be a sales person and at the same time be ethical. However, I disagree with the statement that sales ethics is an oxymoron and I see it as an opportunity instead. This is because all forms of business have to care about ethics at all times for it to withstand the economic times. Sales ethics is an opportunityMany sales persons believe that for them to make better sales, they have to manipulate the truth. However, the truth is that being truthful while selling is not only a moral choice but also a necessity for success in the sales.

Shoppers are changing their shopping habits and they no longer consider businesses that make huge sales but they consider those whose activities are ethical. The connection between the company and the customer is the sales person. The company’s ethics are however judged based on how the sales persons relate to the customers. There are four questions that may assist the sales person to relate well with his or her customers.

The first question is how the sales person’s decision affects other people beside him/her and his target. Where a sales reports makes more sales that he actually sold, or falsely induces customers to take up the products during the promotion, this is a form of cheating that may affect the customers in adverse ways. It is important for the sales person to consider the effect of the decision to the company, the customers and to his integrity. The other question involves considering which is the best way to success.

Is it by making much sales or making loyal customers. One the sales person makes one customer; they begin a journey into building trust. The relationship between the customer and the sales person is built upon trust. This is because many customers will not buy from companies that they do not trust. When the sales person spends time building trust with the customers, they become more loyal and consequently improve on one’s targets. The other question is whether ethics and service are intertwined. Whatever is good for the customer must always come before whatever is good for the sales person.

Going an extra mile for the sake of the customers creates a dimension towards building trust as well as alleviating customer’s worry. Showing the customers how they are valuable can be achieved by being honest and committed to meeting their needs. The last question is what the paybacks of the sales person’s actions are. Negative actions may have both positive and negative paybacks. Some of the negative paybacks of unethical sales actions involve loss of trust and integrity of the company as well as of the sales person.

Some of the unethical actions may jeopardize the company’s reputation and is therefore important for the sales person to consider this. How to maintain sales ethicsMaintaining ethics in sales is however not an easy job but it is very important for one to succeed in sales. However, it is an effort of both the individual who is conducting the sales and the organization being worked for. Below are some tips that may help one to keep observing ethics while promoting products.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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