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The paper 'Characteristics of an Entrepreneur' is a great example of a Management Essay. There is no one simple definition of an entrepreneur. Generally, an entrepreneur is someone who organizes resources with the purpose of making a profit. He is an individual who puts up a business taking on financial risks with the hope of making a profit. An entrepreneur is further defined as someone who organizes, operates as well as assumes risks for any business venture. Entrepreneurs start business ventures since they want to create meaning. They possess an ever-present desire to make the world a better place.

Making money is a means to an end for an entrepreneur (Mohanty, 2005). The arguments build on the theory of entrepreneurship and the basic qualities of an entrepreneur. The essay illustrates characteristics of entrepreneurship that are important for anyone who dreams about becoming an entrepreneur. This essay explains the main characterizes of an entrepreneur that I have I have developed over time and those ones that I have not developed using practical examples. The essay starts by explaining the characteristics of an entrepreneur that I believe I have already developed through my life experiences which comprise motivation, focused passion, and self-improvement, and always learning.

The next part demonstrates three characteristics of entrepreneurs which include leadership, risk-taker, and being focused that I have not developed using renowned entrepreneurs. Discussion My Mother passed on when I was only 14, consequently, I learned to develop and improve and mature my personality as well as morals by remembering my mother’ s teachings. Moreover, I observed and learned from others’ mistakes as well as my own. My brother went to university to study mechanical engineering but failed despite trying again he failed once more and dropped out.

His experience gave me the motivation to pursue my university education seriously and with zeal. I did not want to fail like him; I learned from his mistakes and wanted to make my family proud. I come from a country that is very wealthy, Saudi Arabia, and from every corner of it, I am surrounded by families and friends that are wealthy and who live the high life and are financially capable. Besides monetary value, I see the power and respect some individuals have solely for the family name due to their family business.

seeing that on a daily bases and seeing what I would be able to have if I worked hard gives me the motivation to work my fingers to the bone to create a name for myself that will be known for decades to come and the respect and power, not to mention the luxurious lifestyle. "Money is the motivation, Money is the conversation", Tauheed Epps. It is not easy for an entrepreneur to be successful if he is not passionate about his or her work.

Passion keeps passionate energy that allows an entrepreneur to focus on his work. My focused passion is to make money and help people. When I was 9 years old during our Eid holidays I had raised money from the gifts I received from my family. I have the motivation of working hard in life to get what I want. An entrepreneur has to be passionate about his business. There should be a driving force to make him wake up every day and work hard.

My passion for being wealthy and living a comfortable life drives me to achieve what I set my eyes on.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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