Essays on Theory on Leadership and Management Assignment

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The paper "Theory on Leadership and Management" is an inspiring example of an assignment on management. There has been the need to determine whether people are able to fit into a particular culture of an organization or whether they need to change their work style or leadership to enable the desired cultural transition. These uncertainties have been achieved through the functions of the competing values framework and the 4+2 formula. By using CVF, it is possible to organize and create new ideas and human practices as well as a detailed view of the organizations, their outcomes, and leadership (Quinn, Faerman, Thompson, McGrath, St Clair, 2011).

The CVF can be used for a number of aspects of the organization such as personal styles, while the same framework can be used to assess communication, leadership, the culture within an organization, major competencies, decision making, determination of financial performance, and other functions. An individual can use the language and ideas of competing values to work with others on matters at a number of levels. Organizations that have implemented these values have been able to integrate their functions around common language and framework (Owens and Hekman, 2012).

The framework provides distinct tensions and contradictions that are faced by organizations and their leaders in their attempt to navigate complex issues within their organizations. Future successes in business operations are considered to be dependent on the accuracy of models that are currently being used in the market. The understanding of the functions of CFV can be used in a number of levels within an organization to develop strong business strategies for managing business operations. There has also been the argument that there are certain business practices that are most important in distinguishing business winners and losers.

It is also argued that there are 8 strategies that need to be implemented by winning companies if they intend to perform well in their business endeavors. These practices are explained by the 4+2 approach. The understanding of these two strategies can be made possible by comparing the ideas illustrated in them.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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