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report on demonstrationsIntroductionApart from the burning characteristics of fire, the most outrageous condition gets led by the exhausting smoke. As the smoke can cause al kinds of blockage in the breathing system, it is far more dangerous then any other affects caused by fire. The fire burns and gives longer time to escape, whereas the smoke reaches the heart in a much faster way and can block the whole breathing system. It is therefore very important to have adequately well managed and mechanically well prepared Smoke Control Systems, especially in residential buildings and warehouses.

In this paper the target is to lay emphasis over the process and the characteristic features in a building. As the possibilities of catching a fire s more severe in industrial based units, it is very necessary to have all kinds of added precautions and prevention ready for the public safety. Principles of smokeThe smoke has got the characteristic of making a blurred atmosphere. The solid particles along with the liquid droplets are combined close to the ideal range. These are the sizes for Mie.

These are all scattered in the visible light. This is the effect that has been likened to particularised three-dimensional texture. The three-dimensional texture gets attained through the privacy glass, where a smoke cloud cannot obstruct an image, however gets scrambled. The basic principle of smoke as elaborated by SFPE Handbook of Fire Protection Engineering, lies in its nature of spreading in a very laterally way. In general the estimated velocity of smoke can rise up to 5m/s. As compared to an average person, the estimations further shows that as he walks at 1-2m/s and run at 7.5m/s, the comparative speed of smoke it at the mean of it.

In case of building roof space the spread of smoke is full-fledged and very smoke. In the roof the smoke starts to build down in respect to its flow with the fire. In such cases the rate at occurs to be in varied proportions and significantly as per the nature of the combustibles. It is also very much related to the building geometry. Layers of smokeThe layers of smoke are comparatively much heavier than it can ever be expected.

Layers of smoke get determined by the visible particles that are commonly composed of carbon (or the soot). This is basically is the lowest of all levels and is heavier of all the other layers of smoke. The next level gets particulates with the composition of droplets of the relatively condensed tar, or in some cases the solid particles formed of ash. There are the possibilities of presence of various kinds of metals in case of fuel explosion that can yield particles of metal oxides.

There next level is of the particles of all kinds of inorganic salts that possibly may also be formed, from the components of ammonium nitrate and/ or ammonium sulfate. In this level there are many organic compounds that are estimated to have the typical aromatic hydrocarbons. This may also have the adsorbed quantity on the surface of all the solid particles.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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