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Part 1The Major Accident to the Environment that occurred at Buncefield also includes relevant information that links to outside concepts. This includes safety concepts, legislation and potential changes that need to be made for safety. Understanding how these work as a response to the disasters that happen provides the capability to change potential responses, and provides different relief options to those who have specific relations to the disaster that has occurred. The legislation that was investigated with the fire in Buncefield is specifically linked to section 14 (2) (a) of the Health and Safety at Work Act from 1974.

This was linked to the powers that were used as a response from the Environment Agency in response to the fire. The main concept behind this is to regulate workplace health, safety and welfare in the United Kingdom. In relation to this specific act, and relating to section 14 is the ability for the public to hold an inquiry or investigation of the workplace to define how the accident has occurred. More then this, the powers are moved to the executive, or Secretary of State, to define regulations and problems with the particular problem that has occurred.

With this particular basis that was carried about with the fire, are also safety aspects that are linked to the fire, specifically that have come from the investigation that has occurred. The first part of this is from the defining of the main explosion that occurred by the oil depot. In this depot were petrol, aviation turbine fuel and diesel and gas oil. The regulations and legislation that is linked to this is one of the main preliminaries that is a part of the Health and Safety at Work Act, which states that there needs to be complete control of explosive and flammable substances.

More specifically, this states that the control of these substances means an understanding of what is lawful or unlawful possession of the substances that may be flammable. This is considered a general duty of anyone who has control of the work premises. This main problem can be seen as the main problem with the explosion. Even though there is not a direct investigation that defines how the fire started, the explosion that began moved directly into the oil that is hazardous in case of smoke plumes or fire.

The legislation that needs to be investigated in relation to this is the safety zones that are a part of the oil depot as well as whether the area was being regulated at the time. Because the explosion began on a Sunday, there needs to be discussion on who was in the area at the time and in charge of navigation.

If the place was left unwatched, or if there was not control of the area, then it may have led to the explosion that occurred. Generally, the area were the explosion occurred should have only had specific individuals allowed in the area, as well as a safe distance from the oil and products that would have stopped the explosion from occurring. There also needs to be investigation on how far the safety zone was from other coordinates to define how the explosion may have occurred (GPO Access, 2008).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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