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The paper "Human Resource Planning " is a great example of a management essay.   In the world, today, the growth of technology has radically changed the way things are managed due to the concept of globalisation. This is because as businesses continue to proliferate within their domestic markets and expand in emerging overseas markets their workforce becomes complex. As such, there have to be strategies for managing their workforce, which has led, to the adoption of Human Resource Planning as a concept by Human resources managers. It is worth noting that the quality of any workforce is mainly dependent on the quality of the workforce employed (Purwadi, 2012).

Having a workforce within an organization calls for the planning of human resources from the start of the employees’ career up to their retirement age. Therefore, human resource planning is necessary in order to eliminate redundancy within an organization’ s workforce and as well as curb future unemployment (Dom et al. , 2012). In that regard, this aim of this research essay is to define the concept of Human Resource Planning, discuss the importance within an organization and as well the factors impacting human Resource Planning that nowadays managers need to put into consideration. According to Dom et al.

(2012), Human resource planning refers to the systematic analysis of Human Resource needs in order to ensure that, at any given time, there is a sufficient number of employees with the required knowledge and skills in an organization in need basis. Furthermore, Human resource planning can be regarded as a method that puts an emphasis on human resources needs in addition to developing the essential initiatives for satisfying Human resources needs in an organization.

Human Resource is referred to as the labor or the workforce that carries out work or business activities for an organization. On the other hand, the workforce refers to the number of workers available within an organization who are required to complete a particular activity, project or job within the given scope.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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