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Essays on The Relationship between Human Resources Practices and Sustainable Competitive Advantage of a Firm Essay

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The paper “ Thе Rеlаtiоnshiр bеtwееn Human Resources Рrасtiсеs аnd Sustаinаblе Соmреtitivе Аdvаntаgе оf а Firm” is a potent variant of essay on human resources. A firm is associated with a cohesive organism that learns to find better ways of doing things through adapting to its current environment. The firm has to answer what it must do to optimize and maintain its situation within the environment. In this case, the firm has to choose whether to focus on its human resources, financial situation or technology. A good number of firms solely focus on their Human Resource arguing that by drawing their focus on Strategic Human Resources practice they create a sustainable competitive environment within the firm.

On the contrary other firms argue that a competitive environment within the firm can only be created through matching the organization’ s Human Resource practices with the organizational or environmental factors. This paper, therefore, seeks to draw a stand between these two arguments on the firm’ s relationship between HR practices and sustainable competitive advantage. It’ s evident that matching the Human Resource practices with other organizational/environmental factors ensures that the organization human capital is able to remain unique and valuable to the organization, therefore, ensuring that the competitive advantage of this organization over its competitors still remains intact. The firm’ s Human Resource is viewed as the roots of organizational economics which is also a major determinant for the organization's competitive success.

In this case, Barley 2011, argues that the firm’ s Human Resource practices are attributed to its assets, attributes, knowledge, information and organization processes. In his case, he further claims that Human resources foster the implementation of strategies improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the firm.

In this case, Human Resource practices are defined as organizational an activity that entails the management of human capital which is drawn towards the effective employment of capital in order to fulfill the organization’ s goals. Besides, Human Resource practices foster knowledge and skill adoption within the firm's workforce through inherent these skills and knowledge to the individuals who make up the organization (Walkowiak 2012, pp. 1-9). However, going beyond the Human Resource practices of organization it is recognizable that Human Resources practices are dependent on employee behavior as opposed to their knowledge and skills.

In this case, to ensure fostering a competitive environment within the organization the firm’ s employee behavior should be aligned with the firm’ s goals. As evidently seen the employee behavior is the channel that Human Resource practices implement however, employee’ s competencies also play a huge part in this. In this case, Human resources are quite valuable in fostering competitive advantage within the organization through improving the skill and knowledge level of the employees which reciprocates to improvement in the organization workforce.

In line with this, high-quality human resources within the firm have in recent years proven to be quite rare making organizations with effective human resources in place have a significant competitive advantage over other organizations (Lubit 2001, p. 34-46).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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