Essays on Sydney Theatre Company - Open Systems Thinking Assignment

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The paper "Sydney Theatre Company - Open Systems Thinking" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. The first conclusion about the company concerns its approach towards attaining sustainability in the business environment in which it operates. It can be seen that this has been the focus of the new management in the recent past. Since the company is a non-profit organisation and its operations are constantly characterised by insufficient resources, there is the obvious need for making the company sustainable. This applies to all types of resources in the company, including human resources and finances.

It has been the focus of the management to develop a strong sponsorship base as well as growing its income sources as a means of ensuring that the operations of the company are sustainable in the future. This, therefore, means that judging from the current state of operations in the company, present and future sustainability is an objective that is more or less realised. The second conclusion is about the way in which the company seeks to balance its business model in the current environment. As a state-funded corporation, the company seeks to hire conventional business managers who can apply the profit-making business model in the not-for-profit objectives of the company.

Related to this is the emphasis the company puts in hiring managers that are competent and ready to implement this business model. The third conclusion about the company is that it derives its strength from its ability to adapt to the changing business environment. Since there are constant changes in the theatre business, the company has managed to stay ahead by constantly developing new ways to leverage its operations.

For instance, seeking to grow its market to the scene in the United States and Europe through shows means that the company is adapting to changes that require companies to develop new markets apart from their domestic ones. Also, by developing plays that target the general audience, as well as developing ties with different institutions and individuals in the society, the company has developed a sense of adaptability and differentiation in the market. The last observation is about the future of the company. Generally, it can be concluded that the company’ s future is secure.

This becomes clear when several factors are taken into consideration. For instance, the company has been able to turn in an excess of revenue over expenditure in the recent past. This has come after a series of measures to increase the income sources of the company. With its prospects in the near future, the company is likely to maintain a healthy balance sheet. Also, the role of human resource management in the transformation of the company cannot be overemphasised. The focus, zeal, dedication and expertise of the top management of the company have played a major part in transforming its fortunes.

With this kind of employees, the company is likely to maintain its good performance. This will be reflected in all the different activities that form the core processes of the company’ s operations.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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