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The paper "Thermal Barrier Coating" is a brilliant example of a term paper on engineering and construction. Escalating energy demands require the design and development of novel materials and technologies. The generation and transportation of energy are predominantly done using gas turbines. For efficiency purposes, systems such as the Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBCs) have been incorporated into gas turbines (Osorio, Toro& Herná ndez-Ortiz 149). Typically, TBBs are used to provide thermal insulation for components of metallic that are emitted by the combustion gases, leading to a reduction in the substrate temperature from around 1000C to around 3000.

The TBCs are made of excellent mechanical properties and provide rupture and corrosion resistance at very high temperatures. While in an application, the material of TBCs changes its behavior. The topcoat sinters as it changes its mechanical properties as well as its thermal conductivity. Additionally, when exposed to high temperatures the oxidation and microstructural changes due to the depletion of elements. Normally, exposure to high temperatures makes the mechanical and thermal loading increases the level of residual pressure existing at the interface between the metal and the ceramic.

With time, in terms of interface delamination will raise within the material system. Ultimately, the delamination damage becomes so severe that the material buckles and large pieces of the topcoat (TC) flake off. As a consequence of the diminishing coat, the underlying metal starts to overheat with an obvious risk of severe oxidation as well as leading to creep-damage if the component is stressed up mechanically (Brodin et al. ). To use a gas turbine in an economic and effective way, it is advantageous to maximize the time between overhaul and inspections with maintained mechanical integrity.

Therefore, a variety of different tools is used to assess the spallation fatigue life for all thermal barrier coatings. This review paper seeks to look into the use of a thermal coating, and how it functions in such uses. Further, this review paper highlights different ways of how thermal coating is produced, and finally, it discusses some possible applications of Thermal coating.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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