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What is a thesis statement
The thesis statement is an essential part of the introductory paragraph of the essay. Usually, it is placed in the middle or at the end of the paragraph. This sentence is meant to summarize the primary idea of the whole essay, help you organize and develop the body of the essay and create a straight line of the narrative. The thesis statement has to reflect the topic of your essay, your position towards the discussed issue and the analysis you performed before taking your position in the matter. Still, this sentence has to be short.
Useful information
How does thesis statement generator work?
  1. Select the essay type you are about to complete.
  2. Fill in the questionnaire with short clear phrases. Avoid full sentences.
  3. Do not use capital letters and periods. Make sure your answers are relevant and precise. You are welcome to follow the input examples.
  4. Click on ‘Generate Thesis Statement’ button once you finish the questionnaire.
  5. Get the generated thesis statement. It would appear in the open to edit field. You are welcome to improve it if needed.
Compare and contrast essay is the multi-paragraph type of essay, that is aimed to analyze two distinct objects/subjects and define their differences of similarities. Still, to complete a decent compare and contrast essay, it is not enough to list the disparities or similarities of two compared objects. You have to focus on their characteristics and create an argument but in a meaningful and reasoned way. This type of essay appears to be the common assignments for loads of study areas, and won’t appear in a composition course solely. Thus mastering this type of essay is essential for successful studying.
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