Essays on The Importance and Growth of the Social Network in Marketing Assignment

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The paper "The Importance and Growth of the Social Network in Marketing" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. The Internet has an interesting history which has made marketing communication quite easy and innovative. The article First map of Australia's Twittersphere by ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCI) highlights the importance and growth of the social network, Twitter. The article may have highlighted the important aspects and the quick growth of Twitter, but along with it also showed how such social networks or media help people communicate with each other to spread the news and thus becomes an efficient and important source of marketing.

Before discussing the importance of social media and the article in question, it is very important to understand what social media marketing is Social media marketing may be considered as the method of attracting the website traffic by means of social media sites (Powell et al 2011). Social media marketing programs generally are based on efforts to produce content which draws attention and persuades readers to share it with their social networks. A commercial message may go from user to user and most probably spreads more ahead as it seems to be coming from a trust, intermediary, as the company itself is not involved in the process but the people are passing it forward to those they know thus increase the credibility of the message. As the article is based on Associate Professor Axel Bruns and Dr.

Jean Burgess of CCI and the Queensland University of Technology analyzing topics that Australians think are interesting (ARC 2012). The above-mentioned researcher designed a network map that showed how different issues connected.

The Here one may note that every issue may be discussed on such websites and this makes it an extremely reliable source of marketing. According to Prof Bruns (2012) “ It reveals vibrant networks around issues of interest and concern to Australians that interweave across the whole physical continent. ” Thus it may be said that social media has taken over the responsibility of a word of the mouth successful marketing strategy. Week 2 While designing a successful marketing strategy one has to be careful in selecting the information. In this case scenario, one has to filter out that which doesn't help me and one must use his/her information literacy skills  to  apply the marketing information one really needs. As Thorpe (2003) points out that one must select opportunities with the highest potential value and execute such that value is maximized.

In this sense when a marketing professional is planning a strategy he/ she must be careful about selecting only that information and opportunities which are the most important ones, only then will the strategy be considered a valuable one.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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