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The paper “ The Market Position of Hershey Company” is a spectacular variant of the case study on marketing. The report aims at analyzing the market position of The Hershey Company which one of the internationally recognized producers of chocolate. Within the confectionery industry, the company experiences stiff competition from established companies such as Mars, Cadbury, and Nestle. However, the report focused on The Hershey Company, Canada, through analyzing its market share, internal and external market analysis, and recommendations to enhance performance and competition.   IntroductionConsidered as the largest producer of chocolate and the major manufacturer of confectionery including non-chocolate and chocolate-related grocery products, The Hershey Company mainly operates in North America.

With its mission statement “ Undisputed Marketplace Leadership, ” the company aims at being the global leader within the confectionery industry. The properly established organizational brands are  Almond Joy, Reese’ s, Kit Kat, and Hershey’ s Chocolate Bar. Milton S. Hershey founded the company in 1894 and incorporated it on October 24, 1927. Moreover, the company operates as separate reportable branches that deal in manufacturing, selling, retailing, and dispensing of different packaged chocolate and confectionery products, guns, pantry substances, and mint refreshment products in the 80 distinct names of the products.

To compete effectively, the company operates in different market segments consisting of defined geographic areas including Mexico, the US, and Canada. Besides such segments, the company also operates in over 50 states. Despite the troubled economies responsible for declining consumer spending, the company has been experiencing increased sales and net income in the past five years. The company’ s revenue and net income increased by 9% and 5% respectively in 2012. Such increment is responsible for the boost in new products introduced in the US associated with sales in the acquisition of Brookside.

The threat associated with increasing competition in North America from properly established confectionary companies including Nestle and Cadbury; however, there is effective moderation of the licensing agreements.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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