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The paper "Enhancing Professional Knowledge About Marketing" is a wonderful example of a Marketing Assignment. A senior category marketing manager bears the responsibility of managing the relationships between the suppliers and the company to enable the firm to meet its objectives. It is also the responsibility of the manager to ensure that the firm achieves all the financial key performance indicators (KPI’ s). As a manager, the individual has to secure new opportunities pertaining to product development to guarantee a continuous increment in the firm’ s sales. The responsibility arises from the fact that the sales team has direct contact with the company’ s customers thus obtains feedback regarding their tastes and preferences.

Being a manager, ensuring the implementation of the code of conduct and ethics and the company policies suffices to be one of the core duties. The successful applicant should have a bachelor’ s degree in marketing and between 5-10 years of experience in retail marketing. The individual should also have a thorough understanding of retail issues, consumer marketing, category management processes, systems, and tools. The ability of the individual to negotiate and relate positively with sophisticate customers is also a key duty of the professional.

Having gained substantial experience in the marketing field, I would like to apply for the senior category marketing manager position in one of the 7-Eleven franchise firms in Australia. Having started as a sales assistant in the field for five years and considering the fact that I meet the other qualifications, I believe that I will be able to deliver my best at the company. THE ACTION PLAN Step Goal Action Start Duration Completion 1 Improve the understanding of English and communication skills Enrol into English classes to understand the language properly 25 Jan 2015 2 years Dec 2017 2 Attain teamwork experience Enrol into classes that foster teamwork experience and take part in as many projects as possible to evaluate my understanding of teamwork skills.

In the projects, I will perform the role of the team leader to assess whether I can manage the other members of the team effectively. 25 Jan 2015 4-5 years Dec 2019 3 Enhance my communication skills Seek lessons that enhance communication skills. Moreover, I will practice the learnt skills by handling the other members of the project teams. Seeking to mind my body language whenever I communicate with the other members will be paramount towards enhancing my communication skills. 25 Jan 2014 I year Dec 2015 4 Enhancing professional knowledge about marketing Seeking to enhance my knowledge in marketing by reading internet content and other marketing reference materials will enhance my understanding on the effective marketing strategies.

Making a plan and measuring my achievements will also enhance my knowledge in marketing. I will also be consistent in marketing the firm’ s products by never giving up and always striving to convince retailers and direct consumers about the positive aspects of the product. Mar 2015 2 yeas Continuing 5 Get a chance of internship in a relevant company Having gained experience in sales as a sales assistant, I will endeavour to seek further experience in other retail chain companies to enhance my knowledge on the marketing of retail products. Jun 2017 2-3 months Sep 2017 6 Increase my network channels Seek to interact with as many people as possible regardless of their ethnicity, nationality of origin or race.

It will also be proper to maintain positive communications with professional retail marketers that have excelled in the field of marketing. Such people will enable me to understand the various ways of dealing with customers positively especially in the event of a crisis or failed negotiation between a salesperson of the company and the direct customer or retailer. Mar 2015 Entire life in the profession Ongoing 7 Attain a Bachelor’ s degree in marketing Seek to enrol in an Australian university to attain the degree in marketing. 25 Jan 2015 2 years Dec 2017 8 Team leader work experience Seek to be the team leader in as many projects as possible at school.

Taking responsibility for my operations and assuming the role of the sales manager during my internships will be pivotal towards enhancing my teamwork experience Mar 2015 An entire life in the profession ongoing 9 Management experience Seek to assume the role of a sales manager during the internship in a retail chain company under the supervision of the company’ s sales manager to ensure that I carry out all the expected duties in the appropriate manner. June 2017 3 months Sep 2017 10 To be invited for an interview Seek to get an invitation interview from the 7-Eleven global franchise retailers in Australia after gaining the necessary experience and knowledge in sales and marketing. Jan 3, 2018 2 hours Jan 3, 2018 11 Get the position as the senior grade marketing director Seek to attain all the relevant qualifications to clinch the position at the 7-Eleven retail chain. Feb 2018 An entire life in the company Until the attainment of retirement age Section 2 Response to a Selection Criteria Criteria I: Highly developed written communication skills, including the ability to draft clear and concise documentation I once worked as a part time manager in a Shishi restaurant.

I was accorded the role of managing all the employees based on the fact that the current manager was out of the country.

A key requirement for the job was to write down the events of the daily operations of the business, which would be evaluated after each month. My role was to document each activity which included whether employees were aware of their daily duties and how they performed their delegated duties. I was to document how the business faired each day. In addition, I had to record if any complaints from the clients existed. In order to come with a comprehensive document of the daily operation of the business, I came up with a programmed document that precisely described each activity in the restaurant.

I, therefore, monitored every activity as I recorded. This ensured that I did not leave out any essential undertaking that went on in the business. I also ascertained that the language I used was simple enough to be understood by the manager based on the fact that he was not a native English speaker. I elaborated on my findings each day by clearly describing what took place and in case of any complaint how I resolved it. The results after the document were evaluated by the manager were actually good.

The manager was able to identify areas that needed improvement and I could see the employees cooperate more in performing their duties as allocated. Also, delays in customer services were reduced and I noted that few complaints from the clients would arise. Criteria 2: Demonstrated organizational ability and initiative, including experience in prioritizing and meeting deadlines, often with competing demands;   Working in the restaurant environment definitely means that one has to meet deadlines and to prioritize the key activities of the business effectively.   As a part-time manager in the Shushi restaurant, my first day in running the business was filled with so many delays.

This is because I was not familiar with the operations of the business. As a result, the employees seemed reluctant and complaints from clients were so many. My role was to ensure that every department of the restaurant was performing their duties and meeting the main deadline which is to ensure that customers receive quality services on time. I, therefore, had to reorganize the entire routine and implement a routine that the employees would follow to ensure that targets were met.   My first action was to sit down and come up with an action plan.   Foremost, I developed the objectives of the plan.

In most cases, it is essential to prioritize the objectives in order to come up with an action plan that meets the stated objectives. The plan included key areas such as how the daily routine that was to be followed by the employees, a communication plan of how to interact with the workforce and the duties of employees in every department.

I then began to implement the plan. A key achievement is that the activities of the restaurant begun to flow. A sense of organization was restored, the delays reduced and the employees began to cooperate although not all of them.       Criteria 3: Strong interpersonal skills and a demonstrated ability to successfully communicate with a diverse range of people at all levels of an organization The University learning environment consists of people from diverse backgrounds and sometimes it can be difficult to interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds.   In one of the courses I undertook, I was assigned to lead a group that consisted of members from different cultural backgrounds.

Relating and communicating with these people was so difficult because each of them exhibited different characters and communication skills. Some were very argumentative while others just sat and did nothing. Completing the work assigned to us was, therefore, a challenge.   My role as a group leader was to schedule meetings for the group members.   I was also in charge of guiding the group during discussions and submit the findings to the lecturer and before the class. In order to resolve the existing challenges, I called for a separate meeting earlier before the group meeting begun.

My intention was to initiate an environment where the group members would relate and not necessarily hold discussions on the project.   The group members were free to communicate and get to know each other better.   At the end of the session, I outlined the major objective of the group which was to complete the project. The group members agreed and stated that they would be committed to meet the objective. The results of the meeting are that the group members were now friendly to each other.

In addition, they listened to each other and the dormant participants increased their participation. We were, therefore, able to complete the project on time. Criteria 4: Demonstrated experience in working collaboratively in a team-based environment During my initial years at the university, I preferred to work alone. I believed that the work I performed single-handedly is more comprehensive and of good quality as opposed to a task that is done by many people.

Working in teams was therefore not an important factor for me.   Whenever the lecturer would assign group work assignment I felt that I could produce better work by myself.   My role in many of the groups was to work as a secretary for the group and in some of them, I was the group leader. A key challenge for me initially was to collaborate with other group members. I mostly collaborated when I was the group leader.   Despite my resistance to group work, they were actually a compulsory part of learning that I could not avoid.   I, therefore, had to adjust and change my mindset about group works.   I began to be more active in the groups.

I came early, submitted my findings and discussed them with the rest of the group members.   The result was that as I actively participated in the groups as a group member and sometimes as a leader, I realized that I was gaining interpersonal skills that are relevant for teamwork. In addition, as a group leader, I gained skills on how to manage teams.

I therefore currently believe that teamwork is a significant part of employee management.   A marketing manager should, therefore, possess the ability to manage teams and to work collaboratively with other teams in the organization in order to meet the set objectives.     Conclusion     I intend to implement the action plan in the future.   I addition, I can state that I have so far acquired adequate knowledge that can facilitate my career development in the coming future.

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