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The paper "Vaughn Manufacturing Company Marketing Analysis" is a perfect example of a marketing assignment. The best selling approach method for the Vaughn Manufacturing Company is a consultative approach. This is because this kind of selling approach assists in selling technical products, goods or services. In addition, this selling approach is appropriate for companies that sell their products and services to other businesses. Consultative approach selling also assists in building up the relationship between the two parties or companies. In regards to this, the salesperson or manufacturing company uses technical knowledge or certification in analyzing problems as well as offering solutions.

The Vaughn Company may opt to offer a sales engineer to assess maintenance improvements or cost reductions as well. The salesperson, in this case, makes recommendations and gives solutions after asking questions and reviewing the information. This helps the seller to gain the trust of the buyer. Q. 2b Raul appears to be a suitable salesperson for the Vaughn Manufacturing Company. This is because; Raul has great experience with the automobile business. As the case study states, Raul is highly intellectual, sensitive and extraordinary good in connecting to individuals.

In addition, he has been successfully operating an automobile shop since he was in college and Raul loved the automobile business. Due to his experience in this business, Raul’ s first year in Vaughn Company was very strong but dropped as the market became more aggressive. Q. 2c Sales are the livelihood of every business. For the Vaughn Manufacturing Company to go the far it is, it has been in a better position to sell their products as well as services to their customers. In order for the company to succeed in selling, recruitment, selection as well as the induction process of hiring salespeople has been very important as well as essential.

Horton, the district sales manager recruits and selects the right individuals for the job. He also trains them and treats them properly and that is the reason as to why the salespeople of the company not only make good outcomes but also have a tendency of staying in the company for a long time. The district manager seems to understand the necessity of getting it right.

Horton seems to be sure of the candidate's technical capability since poor selections in recruitment point can prove costly. For instance, being a manufacturing company, if an engineer creates a component that falls short and needs to be redesigned, the organization go at a loss of both time and money. In addition, it may sustain penalty charges on delaying in fulfilling specific contracts. This is the reason as to why Horton takes the experienced and competent candidate, since in case of otherwise, time and money that is spent in recruiting that specific worker become costly as well as wasteful whereas, a good candidate might not only have left but also gone to a rival.

The sales manager seems to be sure and relies on the employees’ goodwill, loyalty as well as a commitment to the company and its objectives. Horton also selects salespeople who also support him.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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