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The paper "Etihad Airways HR Practices" is a good example of human resources case study.   The process of examining systems, procedures, documentation, policies and practices in terms of the human resource function is what is known as an HR audit. The primary objective of the audit is to highlight strengths and weaknesses in the HR systems with the view of identifying issues that need resolution. Etihad Airways is among the top companies in the UAE. It is the official UAE carrier which started its operations in 2003. Essentially, the airline is the fourth largest in the kingdom.

It is, however, the second-largest in UAE after Emirates. The following is an audit report on its HR practices. Staffing Recruiting The recruitment process starts online where the posting of jobs happen. The interested people then get to fill out their details on an online form which then gets assessed for eligibility. The final step is in an interview where the candidates get an aptitude test. The recruitment and selection process ensures that the managers have a chance to enhance the behavior or steadily uplift the ability of their workforce.

The strength of the process includes the easiness associated with the online recruitment system. Selection Etihad Airways employs a combination of approaches in its selection process to ensure they get the best talent. Among the methods used include a written application, interview questions that are behavior-based, presentations and testing. Like most organizations, however, Etihad combines the recruitment and selection processes on their website. Mainly, when candidates post their application online, a selection program will use keywords to sort them out. Two interviewing methods are typically used. The first one is an individual interview where one person interviews one applicant at a time.

According to Boella and Goss-Turner, this type of interview process is prone to bias (70). The other two categories are panel and stress interviews. The former is common in the public sector. The latter method involves creating a stress situation and determines how the candidate reacts in such an environment. Etihad employs a panel interview to ensure that there are reduced instances of bias and the stress interview to get the best candidates that can handle it appropriately.

In that regard, the firm’ s selection process is appropriate and is according to the best practices. Human Resource Development Training and development are critical exercises that enhance the abilities of the employees. Training initiatives attempt to build capable workforces that fulfill the objectives of the organization. According to Bos‐Brouwers, training can either be internal or external (418). In the context of internal, training is either off-job or on-job. Among the strengths associated with human resources at Etihad is e-Learning conducted internally. Bratengeyer, Albrecht and Schwarz contend that Etihad utilizes a Learning Management System (LMS) to offer operations-related courses.

In that view, Etihad uses current technology to provide relevant courses to its staff members. At Etihad Airways, all workers receive induction and training sessions every year. In terms of talent development, the organization is known locally for its innovative National Talent Development Program. According to its website, Etihad has more than 2000 people from the country in various positions. However, there is still room for improvement.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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