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The paper "Employment Relations Environment" is a great example of a management essay.   The employment environment in any organization has a great impact on the products and services delivered as well as the employees’ productivity. To maximize productivity and ensure that goods produced are of high quality, both formal and informal employee conditions are maintained including adequate and good communication between the employees and the management, training to maintain competitiveness in the market and continue evaluation of employee performance. Since the employees are very important stakeholders in the employment environment, they must be well taken care of.

In the past, employees were assured of permanent employment, pensions and another job-related benefit (Edwards & Fisher 2004). However, this has changed as the wave of globalization sweeps through organizations and companies. This report focuses on the employment environment in the US and its comparison with the working environment worldwide. 1.1.1 Report Objectives To determine the prominent party in an employment environment To identify the challenge faced in the working environment in the US To determine the relevance of Dunlop theory in analyzing the US employment environment   1.2 Current Employment Trends In the current employment relations compact, much has been emphasized on effective communication between the two parties.

The motivation of both parties is also an important factor that should be considered in the employment relationship environment. The wave of change in the employment environment has not spared the US. As large firms in this country lose their market share to upcoming small companies and Global competitors, she reacts to this by downsizing and restructuring their firms to enhance efficiency. This is in consideration that 30 to 80% of the administrative cost rests on people costs i. e.

accounting, benefits and insurance (MacLean 2006). Though these strategies of enhancing efficiency and reducing production cost may be very important in the current industries, organizations must understand the negative impacts they have on the working environment.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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