Essays on Key Issues Associated with the Fraud Assignment

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The paper "Key Issues Associated with the Fraud" is an outstanding example of a finance and accounting assignment. The firm that confirmed the testing was the same company that built the defences while some wanted an independent entity to help in accessing the defence capability. The use of original technology and the new technology in the reporting of revenues thereby failing to incorporate all revenues. Failure to understand the system and how it works thus failing to identify irregularities Payment of Premintel and inability to scrutinize it Conflict of interest since Premintel involved a family affair especially involving Richard relatives through he refuted the claims Sustainability increase impairment proposal and the conflict with the bank due to a fall in sales by 30% Payments being made to Premintel more than the year and full disclosure were not made given that, Richard Dalton's sister had been one of Premintel's founding directors, but his sister had resigned before Premintel was engaged.

Furthermore, the Premintel's engagement was supposed to have ended yet the payments have continued. While Richard's sister may have resigned, her husband, Richard's brother-in-law, is still one of the directors though they indicated that they might have divorced Dan Sommers negligent was given that he failed to scrutinize the issues and instead left when the girlfriend called him.

Furthermore, he lied about going through the reports which created a scenario that some things may have been overlooked. Tom uses the photo he had taken to blackmail Kris to accept the new cybersecurity team and other fraudulent dealings which were discovered later Inconsistency in the NEW GENARIA deal which later was found to have significant problems Report on access to the company database four times since it was overlooked since the auto-detection software didn't flag the attack and the auditors did not discover the breach


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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