Essays on Organizational Behavior in Sales Team Assignment

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The paper "Organizational Behavior in Sales Team" is a perfect example of a marketing assignment.   Salesforce should have a highly competitive environment where they have a healthy competition among the team (Gonzalez, Hoffman, Ingram & LaForge 2010, 224). Both Tickford Flexible Products and Samuel Jones, salespersons are indicated to have good team players prior to acquisition. Though it is poorly demonstrated in the case, sales management have made efforts to create a team towards a positive sales environment. Professionalism and consistent standards are established where at Jones, David carried out sales management tasks, and remuneration plan recognized individual efforts and skills.

The sales team from Jones is indicated to have social and enjoying environment. Both firms have agile cultures as Jones have diversified their products to get better results through fast changes. Similarly, Tickton’ s increased revenues result from positive effects of alignment of sales to organization goals (Cron and Dalrymple’ s 451). At Tickton, formal procedures were followed with every grade of workers having their own privileges and allowances. Additionally, both exhibit a strong branding strategy though they lack strong technical support and transference of relationships. The new structure appropriateness The structure is absolutely inappropriate for both organizations and their customers.

This is because Tickton-Jones has considered an expansion to consumer products lines which means that the upper management will have to adjust to maneuvering in new markets. These are two different products with differing market and workforce. Absolutely, as much as each arm of production is controlled by specific sales managers and salespersons with prior skills and experience in it, there will be collisions with the sales administration, distribution manager and marketing director who operate across both product lines.

This is because, while the salespersons like Ramona tend to recognize the scope of a business, his seniors can face marketing myopia and quality services slippages due to lack of strong technical support and transference of relationships (Eden 2013, 94). There will be collisions when the seniors do not understand the personalities and methods used by their subordinates as strengths towards sales activities. It also appears that salespersons like Pitesti possess more knowledge of the market compared to their seniors. For instance, the failure of Marketing Director to understand Pitesti’ s sales tactics has led him to perceive Pitesti as undisciplined and to put pressure of Sales Manager who directly supervises Pitesti.

The outside sales team may really struggle following along with the inside sales team noting the abrupt shift brought about by the new structure. Currently, poor planning for the absorption of middle and lower-level staffs from Jones has turned out as complicated with growing frictions and divisions (Cron & Thomas 2009, 452).   Question 2 Conversations between David Courtney and Romano Pitesti Description of the behavioral issues and actions for each of them David adopts occasional leadership approach as the communication with Pitesti shows that he has lost touch of his subordinates.

He appears to be reactive and only acting when pressured by the marketing director. Continuous leadership means that a leader will develop well-defined goals by handling ambiguities under the department and form the path forward (Ladyshewsky 2010, 296). However, it appears that David does not set goals, milestones and communications across the firm’ s teams. In turn, people like Pitesti execute what they think best so long as they will achieve their individual sales goals.

David has not instilled a process by having a repetitive interaction with the sales team. Pitesti argues that, if they get five people like him, the firm will increase its sales. David has poor vision and communication due to the failure to promote collaboration that can allow the sales organization to benefit from the strategic and well-built sales process. As Pitesti complains, he has never put him in the limelight for others to emulate him or recognized his achievement for his effort. David is preoccupied with playing defence rather than assuming a proper delegation.

From the communication, he appears to have inconsistent standards as he is unable to articulate specific codes of conduct that Pitesti should take and mostly when inappropriate behavior promote the firm’ s sales objectives (Messikomer & Cirka 2010, 64).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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