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The paper "Pepsi Company On-Line Video Marketing Strategy" is a brilliant example of an essay on marketing. PepsiCo, which is a multinational company producing food products and online services such as video games, have adopted online video marketing. Established in 1902, PepsiCo is an American worldwide corporation. PepsiCo has its major operations dealing with producing, marketing and distributing majorly online services, snacks, and beverages. The company through online marketing will enable it to reach a high customer base hence a high volume of sales. The company’ s main target is the youth and children since they believe this population will provide a ready market for its diverse online services and products in the market (Cook & Finlayson 2005, P. 15). Online video marketing strategy has emerged to be a powerful worldwide digital marketing system, which is tailored to deliver customized interactive commercial advertising.

Therefore, digital marketing has emerged to be one of the current primary features of the present internet era. Marketers and advertisers across the globe are cooperating to perfect the so-called “ media marketing inclusive environment. Utilizing the interactive abilities of social networks, video games, broadband video channels, and viral worlds, advertisers and marketers, are astonishing, aiming much of their concentration on adolescents, and children as their target customers. As with most new online technologies, fears of games’ health and social effects have followed.

These fears have increased alongside the rise of the online internet era and its individual equivalent to the set of issues surrounding internet marketing. Internet games played through online video games, then, have been specifically worrying source for several, with media, pundits, parents, and politicians outlets aiming at potential relation between online real-world aggression and game violence.

The shocking occurrence at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, acted as an eye-opener for these online issues, with proponents proposing that online games played an important role in the misfortune. The negative impacts of PepsiCo advertisement campaigns have revealed a series of lawful challenges concerning video marketing and the sale of games to youths and children (Mani and Rajagopalan 2003, P. 304). However, online video marketing by PepsiCo has generated a lot of controversies on the impacts of their advertisement campaign on the health and behavior of children and adolescents.

This is because youth and children are the most affected population by the company’ s online video marketing strategy. The proponents of the campaign branded as “ Pepsi Change the Game” view it as being a milestone approach in addressing marketing challenges posed by other marketing approaches. The proponents argue that the marketing strategy aims at meeting the needs of the young generation video games.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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