Essays on Communication Management - Self-Disclosure in an Organization Assignment

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The paper "Communication Management - Self-Disclosure in an Organization" is a good example of an assignment on management. Sean Hannity is a television host and a political commentary that features in the Hannity show in Fox News. In the Video, ‘ What does the future hold for Ferguson? Sean is interviewing some of the Victims from Ferguson who were affected by the protests that followed the Michael Brown grand jury decision. The commentator's point of view is that the governor is to blame for the outmatch of the protest as he did little to prevent it.

If I were to give a presentation to inform, I would take neutral ground on the issue of discussion 8.1.2 In a video titled, ‘ Birmingham is all Muslim’ , the reporter Steven Emerson takes a point of view that Birmingham is a no go zone for all non-Muslims. In the report, the reporter further asserts that London police are enforcing Sharia law. In my opinion, the reporter should have simply reported what was happening on the ground without taking a point of view. 8.1.3 There is a difference between informative and persuasive speech.

For an informative speech, the speaker's aim is to simply share ideas, increase the understanding of the audience on the topic, change perception, and help in gaining skills. An example of an informative speech would be on the causes of air pollution aimed at making the audience understand the topic well. A persuasive speech on the other hand aims at motivating change in the audience for example to persuade people to drink water. 8.2.1 In the BBC Business program, the news anchor explains the financial trends using visual aids. Demonstrate how different stock markets are performing using graphs as a visual aid.

The same visual aid is used to indicate the performance of different shares and currencies. This information would otherwise be complicated to understand but with the help of graphs, the viewers can easily understand the financial trend. In the Lifestyle cooking show, the chefs explain step by step how to make different types of food. For example, in explaining how making Haloumi Cheese, the chefs give a list of ingredients, and then step by step explains how to make the Halloumi Cheese.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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