Essays on Human Resources in Organisation - Acme Industries Case Study

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The paper "Human Resources in Organisation - Acme Industries" is a good example of a human resources case study.   This memo intends to address the job of Sam and your proposal that it ought to be split into two due to the increased scope of work that is getting unbearable for one individual, consequently raising the question of remuneration and bonus structure due to the decreased status of his position. Discussion The contract that exists between our firm and Sam should be reviewed as to consider carefully the terms of his employment.

This is to caution you from conducting this process in contempt of the agreement. In the realization that any of the terms may be violated severely, then the firm may be entitled to negotiate a new contract otherwise we may have to face the consequences of contract breach. This is critical especially as it involves some of his financial benefits namely bonuses that may be reduced (Human Resource Management 2009). Besides, it is important to note that the restructuring has been sparked by an increased workload that is now proving to overwhelm Sam, which may be attributed to business expansion and more achievements in terms of the customer base.

To that effect, an evaluation of the new job portfolio that will be created will need to be assessed in order to fairly compare it with the job requirements at the time the first contract was officially signed. If it follows that the new portfolio is more demanding and involving than at the point Sam entered the firm, then a reduction of the agreed bonuses at first may not be changed.

Also to balance is the fact that the new role for Sam should not be reducing his responsibilities or capacity to make decisions in relation to the job he signed for, as in this case, he may have grounds to sue the firm for infringing and undermining his rightful mandate as it pertains to decision making. Sufficient, proper communication should be made to Sam and in good time so that he is aware of the planned changes in his department. Instead of sidelining Sam from the process of restructuring, it will be more suitable to involve him by way of asking for his thoughts on the same since the proposed new structure is neither due to his misconduct nor his underperformance.

The motivation here is to barely go beyond informing and into engaging the individual (Marcia 2009). Recommendation and Conclusion To avoid a breach of contract, I recommend that a new employment agreement be redrafted taking into consideration the new scope of work, the new bonus structure, the new job title and that the consideration is made to involve and thoroughly inform Sam of the impending restructuring of his office. In conclusion, the restructuring is possible but the details that protect all employees and guarantee their rights cannot be ignored and should be complied with.

It should be clearly established that in the case of demotion, that Sam will have to commit himself to a new contract.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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