Essays on Time Stands Still(play) By Donald Margulies Book Report/Review

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number Book review The play, “time stands still, ” is about a couple who try to make their affiliation work after theIraq war. It revolves around two couples Sarah and James, and Richard and Mandy. James is a writer while Sarah is a photojournalist. They share a common job covering war zone areas. While on duty, Sarah survived an explosion and is discharged from hospital. The explosion left Sarah’s face with a scar and almost made her to lose her leg. She has to reunite with her long-term lover.

However, there is a problem with their relationship related to the Sarah’s success. Richard, an ally to Sarah and James, is their editor at a magazine. Richard is dating Mandy who is an event organizer at a tender age of twenty-three. Sarah feels Mandy’s job is less of a challenge compared to her career. Sarah has to choose between having a regular life and going back to the cover news in war zone. She says that Mandy’s job is rather childish when she quotes, “there’s the young and there’s the embryotic. ” James has spent most of his career documenting the mayhems of battle and as a freelancing writer.

He is of the opinion that people have not learnt anything from the war. He says the wars consume people and turn their perspective towards life (Margulies, 24). The costumes used by the cast symbolized the various roles they undertook. Richard’s attire was more stylish. His sky blue shirt and brown khaki pants made him to appear more senior than James. James wore blue jeans and brown striped shirt which indicated he was a freelancer, as opposed to suits and ties which are normally worn by office employees.

Sarah’s costume did blend in with the play. She had a grey sweater and jeans which gave her an elderly look compared to Mandy. The leg cast, crutches and the red scar on Sarah’s face demonstrate how severe the explosion was. The stage is set up to bring in the old Brooklyn apartment by using the window backdrop and the cabinet. The seats, the wall portrait, the wooden table bring the home effect into the play.

The teacup used by James when talking to Richard shows that it is truly a home. The play would be better if Mandy’s attire were up-to-date. Instead of the long leather boots and spotted dress, maybe some heels and nice modern suit would showcase the event organizing aspect better. The actor’s performance managed to get Donald Margulies thought. They managed to own their individual roles. James and Sarah’s final marriage marks the climax of the play (Margulies, 58). Works CitedMargulies, Donald.

Times Stands Still. New York: Dramatists Play Service, 2011.Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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