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The paper “ A Knowledge Management Solution” is a pathetic variant of the term paper on management. Knowledge is a reliable intangible asset that can be transferred and managed effectively to be used to improve operations, maintain quality, and minimize risks. Effective strategic management of knowledge is tantamount to ensuring organizational goals’ achievement and positive returns on investment. Knowledge management, therefore, entails measures and processes installed to support the management of these intangible knowledge assets. As such, it entails the effective management of information, values, expertise, and experience in both the internal and external organization environments (Fuller, 2012). 2.0 DefinitionOn the other hand, a system is defined as a set of elements amalgamated or put together to form a functional unit.

In a system, there is total dependence among the elements comprising the system, such that each element relies on the other element(s) for the overall success of the system’ s operations. Consequently, the dependence of the elements in a system creates the independence of the system (Dalkir, 2013). As such, a knowledge management system refers to any systems put in place with the aim of managing knowledge.

A knowledge management system comprises various functional units or elements essential in the management of organizations’ intangible assets (Dent & Whitehead, 2013). While various definitions may relate knowledge management systems to a set of technological conditions involved in knowledge management, it is clear that technology is more of a support system or part of elements that could be used to bolster knowledge management practice (Alvesson & Willmott, 2012). This paper uses the NBN Case Study to provide a viable solution to the cases’ knowledge management by suggesting a functional and effective knowledge management system. 3.0 Discussion3.1 Summary of Case StudyThe NBN Case Study details the improper handling of asbestos fiber in the rollout of the National Broadband Network in Australia.

This improper handling of asbestos, in the preparation of telco pits, leads to exposures of the fibers to the workers and the surrounding population that poses serious health concerns.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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