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The paper "To Open New Branch of Emirates Palace Hotel in India Bangalore" is a great example of a case study on management. Nowadays, it is important for every kind of business to enter new markets in foreign countries. If they do not attempt this they will not be able to compete internationally. Like any industry even in the hotel business hotel owners usually think of introducing a branch in a foreign country. However, it is extremely important for such hotels to first analyze the market, culture, and political conditions of the host country. This paper gives a complete analysis of how the Emirates Palace Hotel may be successful in Bangalore India.

The paper first gives an analysis of the country’ s cultural, political, and economic, and market conditions. It then gives recommendations for a marketing plan and budget suitable for the hotel market in Bangalore. To Open New Branch of Emirates Palace Hotel in India Bangalore 1. Introduction The hotel industry like any industry develops by expanding it’ s self internationally. A hotel can only be renowned if it has different chains in different regions. However, they must be careful to first analysis the host country’ s entire political and cultural background before entering their market This paper gives an entire analysis of India’ s cultural and political position, it further presents a marketing strategy for The Emirates Palace Hotel based on the before mentioned analysis. 2.

The Company The Emirates Palace Hotel Due to distinctive architectural features, excellent service quality, and luxuriant facilities, Emirates palace hotel has achieved full success in U. A.E’ S competitive hotel industry. The Emirates palace hotel has Hotel boosts Arabic architecture; it basically was a former palace of one of the princes of U. A E. Emirates Palace hotel has always increased customer satisfaction with advanced facilities and thoughtful service.

“ The Palace boasts 302 Grand rooms and 92 magnificent suites each combining the ultimate in luxury with state of the art technology “ (Emirates Palace 2010). A variety of room categories to meet the needs of different travelers the most expensive ones are Carol Room and the Palace Grand Suites. The 14 restaurants including eight distinctive restaurants are excellent venues for guests, providing guests with an impressive culinary experience.


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