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A job can be described as responsibilities and a wide range of tasks that an employee is responsible to carry out. A task on the other hand can be described as a work unit that aims at producing results. Sometimes tasks can be referred to as functions especially in complex positions. The functions, general tasks and responsibilities of a position are normally referred to as job descriptions. A job analysis on the other hand includes examination of the tasks that are obligatory in the performance of a specific job.

Job analysis can also refer to the various methodologies used in analyzing a job requirement. This paper is dealing with a job analysis for a human resource manager in General Motors Company. (Rotundo, 2004)A human resource manager in General Motors Company has various tasks which are part and parcel of his responsibilities. One of the tasks that a human resource manager in General Motors Company has is planning. This is the process of developing the company’s mission and defining specific methods of accomplishing it. It can be on a broader or narrow perspective depending on the scope of the goal.

(Wagoner, 2007) Planning comes in a number of ways since all sectors in any other business require some form of planning in order to stick to what has been planned. First, there is financial planning which entails the budgeting allocations for all the programs being undertaken within the company. It also includes the setting and monitoring the financial spending of the Company in view of auditing any misappropriation of funds. Provision of benefits, compensations and salaries are also taken care of in this task.

(Flores, 1998)Another task of a human resource manager in this Company is organizing. Organizing is how the internal structure of the company is set. It generally focuses on the division, coordination of activities and how tasks are controlled within the company. In General Motors Company, the human resource manager is responsible for organizing the annual general meetings that brings together all the stakeholders on board. (Wagoner, 2007) They also organize daily and monthly meetings within the specific affiliate factories when an issue arises. The resources available in the organization are then allocated to enable the accomplishment of the tasks.

In organizing there is the division of labour and work specialization is carried out. At this task, systems in the organization are designed. There is the delegation of duties such that each person knows what he or she is supposed to do. (Flores, 1998)Another major task of a human resource manager in General Motors Company is controlling. This is simply following up on plans to ensure proper implementation. This means that planning and controlling are closely related.

The manager or the leader normally observes what is happening in the organization and compares with what was initially planned to happen. If what is happening is not as per what was supposed to happen then corrective action is taken such that those below standard required standard attain this standard. The other major task that the human resource manager in General Motors Company has includes leading. Leadership is also described as directing people to do specific duties by influencing their personal behaviour through incentives and motivation, teamwork, individual dynamics and discipline.

The core purpose of leadership is to channel all the employees’ behaviour towards attaining the company’s objectives.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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