Essays on Google as One of Australia's Best Places Literature review

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The paper "Google as One of Australia's Best Places" is an outstanding example of a management literature review. At the present, the majority of business organizations are continuously discovering innovative means and methods to make effective use of high-quality talent, maintain top HR resource talent, and build modern approaches in order to encourage employees for the best and most excellent performance. In this scenario, there are numerous theories regarding how the administration can more efficiently reward and motivate staff. However, highly developed corporations are discovering methods to perform just that in a great deal enhanced way.

For example, Cisco, Google and Wholefoods are some of the pioneer businesses that are restructuring their overall administration and business management; as a result, workers are able to modernize their overall working and produce creative ideas stuff for offering blockbuster services and products. In addition, they are satisfying their staff and team members by offering attractive deals and bonuses similar to on-site swimming pools, permitting staff to bring their personal pets to the job, offering workplace-based childcare centers, as well as all the free food workers want.

These all aspects and facilities are offered to provide a more relaxed environment to staff members where working group thinking is superior and collaboration is essential to discover the next product that could alter the mart's needs and demands (Thite, Kavanagh, & Johnson, 2012). In addition, some of the highly developed companies such as Google Inc. hold small individual industrialist groups as well as avoid the tight micromanaged atmosphere of the traditional business environment. Additionally, these businesses have scrapped the staff of the month's vehicle parking space and increased the bar on how businesses are able to get effective results by rewarding staff.

In this scenario, this report will discuss some of the important aspects of human resource-related aspects in the context of Google Corporation. This report will discuss how essential it is to create an efficient means that promote traditions of creative innovation, self-empowerment as well as self-motivating staff?


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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