Essays on El Paraiso Hotel - Situational Analysis, Marketing Objective and Strategies, Action, and Contingency Plan Case Study

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The paper “ El Paraiso Hotel - Situational Analysis, Marketing Objective and Strategies, Action, and Contingency Plan" is a forceful variant of a case study on marketing. El Paraiso Hotel is used in this marketing plan. El Paraiso is a hotel operating in the city of Barcelona, Spain. This hotel is operating in the hospitality industry and in the hotel sector of the industry. It is a five-star hotel located on the outskirts of Barcelona city. As such, it provides a unique experience because of its serene and secure environment.

Besides serving the local market, the hotel has recently expanded its marketing to make its presence felt in other European nations. Notably, the hotel is heavily involved in tapping the United Kingdom market. In essence, this report provides a comprehensive marketing plan to help the El Paraiso Hotel to tap the UK market for the year 2014.Situational AnalysisEl Paraiso hotel has been operating in Barcelona for the last eight years. The hotel has been very influential in the hospitality industry. This is because the services provided have been satisfying their customers’ needs.

The hotel offers accommodation, conferences facilities, entertainment and food and beverage, spa, massage and pool facilities. The hotel has about 100 rooms that facilitate the provision of accommodation services. The hotel management has good information about the market for their products and their target customers. Their customers have been impressed with the services provided in Barcelona, this has motivated the management to anticipate expand their market to the UK. The analysis of the company’ s market reveals that the hotel has been experiencing growth in its sales and potential customers.

The hotel has also been able to introduce new products in the hotel over the year which has expanded the variety of services available in the market. To better, the market and future of hotel marketing is an essential aspect which will enhance innovation and increased demand for the company’ s products (Brotherton 2012). The market trend of the hotel has indicated growth in service provision. This has been facilitated by growth in the technological level of the hotel. This has enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the hotel making it possible for the hotel to access the large markets for their services.

The performance of the market has been steady over the last 8 years resulting in 6 percent growth in their market performance. The hotel also ensures quality services and is committed to enhancing creativity within the organization. This has been enhanced through the employment of well-equipped staff and carrying out training to enhance innovation in the hotel. The management of the hotel is targeting expanding their market to the UK in the next financial period. According to Hassan (2000), the objective of the move is to explore other markets so as to increase the sales and profitability of the hotel. Customer AnalysisEl Paraiso targets customers from Barcelona and the UK as well as any visitors to their target market area.

Their range of services allows them to target people holding meetings so that they can use their conference rooms, people on holidays or retreats. The hotel also targets households who may be in need of a retreat or time out for meals or drinks. The hotel has both group and individual customers since both have the potential of enjoying their services.

This defines their market demographics for the hotel. In Barcelona, the hotel has been serving many tourists from the UK and these tourists are so much pleased with their services. Best (2013) suggests that this has been one of the factors that have made the management see the need for expanding their market to the UK. This will facilitate the provision of services to these customers in their home country as well as reach to other customers.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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