Essays on Analysis of Business Intelligence Platforms and Vendors - SAP Assignment

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The paper "Analysis of Business Intelligence Platforms and Vendors - SAP" is a perfect example of a business assignment. SAP has its headquartered in Waldorf, Germany but has a presence in all parts of the world. The company is a market leader in enterprise application software which when used in companies of different sizes from all industries enables the companies to be more efficient. The software help in running all aspects of the company from the front office, back office, warehouse to storefront. The Business Intelligence software from this company has so far been adopted by over 230, 000 customers.

The products have been used in areas as diverse as the Management of Mumbai City in India, the software helps ensure that essential services are delivered to the city population of over 20 million people. It is also being used by oncologists in Berlin’ s Charite Hospital to analyze data related to cancer patients; this enables the oncologists to find the correct treatments for patients much faster than if the work was done using traditional means. It has also been used in Koehler Paper where SAP HANA, an in-memory computing platform that helps the company which is family run to foresee the market trends and makes decisions accordingly (SAP). Business intelligence products from SAP include SAP Business Objects 4.0 This product helps organizations of different sizes and industries to manage and analyze the increasing quantity of data and use that information to improve the performance of the business.

The application of IT in businesses leads to a problem of high costs due to the need to purchase and maintain hardware that is capable of handling large amounts of data, SAP Business Objects is designed to, as much as possible, be compatible with the hardware available in the market.

While business users need quick, often real-time access to analyze this information in order to respond to ever-changing market conditions. New data warehousing solutions from SAP address this issue by providing real-time access to big data in a uniquely efficient and affordable manner. SAP HANA™ Appliance Software High-performance SAP HANA™ appliance software allows organizations to analyze large volumes of operations data and get immediate answers to business questions.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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