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IntroductionMarks and Spencer’s company in the UK Cross cultural analysis between UK and Singapore There are various approaches for the cross cultural analysis in the markets and they include the research conducting method across the different cultures. The growth in the international marketing has further created a need for the cross cultural analysis. The markets in the UK and also in Singapore are not geographically integrated thus the need to conduct research which would go beyond the borders of these two countries so as to examine the varying consumer’s behavior. The cross cultural analysis will allow the marks and Spencer’s company to be able to understand the consumer’s trends so that they can be able to properly position their products strategically in the markets as they seek to meet the consumer’s needs as well as influence the consumers to purchase the company’s products.

The Marks and Spencer’s company should therefore ensure that the company’s brand positioning strategies are adequate enough so as to respond to the core values and also the needs of the consumers. Cultural differences could be a threat in the company’s expansion to the foreign markets therefore the Marks and Spencer’s company should develop a deeper level of understanding of the local as well as the international cultures and also their influence on their global consumers.

(Barton 2006)Therefore the Marks and Spencer’s company needs to make an evaluation on the social cultural changes before it enters into the new markets with the company’s new products and it is also necessary that the company makes proper preparations on it positioning strategies. The variability’s in the social cultural aspect of different target market countries always leads to the development of the differences in the consumer behavior within and also across the national borders.

This provides a very good explanation on the variations between the consumer’s values and also behaviors. There are various methodologies which are used in carrying out the cross cultural analysis. In the sampling methodology there is an empirical study of which investigates the consumers behaviors in more than one culture for instance in Singapore and the UK. Thus there is much emphasis on the on the comparative studies which regards the consumer behavior in the different cultural aspects.

Similarly literature gives a clear distinction between the cross cultural and the cross national studies which have been conducted. There are several cultural; differences existing between Singapore and the UK despite the many similarities which also exist. (Bell 1980)First and foremost there is a difference in the way people talk their accent as well as the wordings. Similarly the two countries have very different ways of making their friends, finding their jobs as well as interacting in their offices. The social systems of the two countries are also vastly different.

In Singapore the people are outwardly very friendly and they also talk to strangers everywhere but they really do not make really close friends like in the UK. On the other hand the people from Singapore do not like in any way to make satire since they think that it is a waste of time by those who do not have anything substantive to say. In the UK the satirical comments are always understood generally and this is also done in the social settings.

In the Singapore culture the people are very family oriented unlike in the UK.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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