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The team has been wonderful. We were able to allocate time for each task. We discussed on the topics very carefully and made sure that everyone was able to think about each raised point thoroughly. The topic we had was intriguing and we were able to acquire ideas especially coming from different perspective. The group had different views but we were able to conclude and consolidate our ideas. The paper was able to give the group a clearer picture of the topic. The team was able to interact in an academic level as well as on a friendly level.

This, in turn, has resulted in a more productive and informative brain storming and report. IN the paper “Managing the Realization of Business Benefits from IT investments”, there are several points that I’ve observed. This article is actually more from the point of IT business analyst, because they have a more concrete experience on this. It seems to be from one IT business analysts to another. The paper focuses on the benefits of IT per se not only on the non users but to IT users as well.

The article balances the figures that would be beneficial to non IT users, but is on the look out for one; and for the IT users who are seeking to improve the current benefits. “The primary purpose for constructing a BDN for a problem-based investment is to identify the most cost-effective and lowest-risk combination of IT and business changes to achieve the defined improvements—that is, to achieve the desired ends. ” The paper works under the assumption that it is still in the organization’s decision whether the IT service will be beneficial.

Another notion emphasize on the paper is that it may serve as an advertisement for IT. The presentation of the paper includes more on the benefits or the “undiscovered” benefits of IT. The paper presents examples of institutions that either not availing of IT or has availed of IT services but has not received any benefits for it. Through out the paper, it highlights that the change that must also come from the institution itself. Most of the parts of the paper not only promotes the IT industry but also imparts those improvements on the part of the host institution that should be employing IT services.

Consequently, the paper is really proves the point that it comes from the perspective of IT business analyst because they show these interventions. The paper also provides insights on the leads and sales of IT. The paper was also able to provide advises on how IT advertising would be more attractive and direct to the customers. The paper is relevant for IT managers, or personnel but it should be more focused on how it can reach out rather than advise organizations.

It should go beyond setting the targets, the ends and the means for the organizations. The paper should also be able to create a sense of action to work on achieving the benefits of IT in new heights.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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