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The paper “ Cross-Cultural Management in Organization” is an excellent example of the essay on management. As far as the topic of cross-cultural management has recently become very urgent with the implementation of the globalization processes and related structures, the paper will be devoted to the discussion of cross-cultural management in its relation to the notions of management as a whole. IntroductionAs multinational corporations and similar to them structures win the global market of goods and services, it has become evident that the specific strategy of multinational management should exist on the basis of the already known management notions and theories.

Multinational corporations bear certain peculiarities that should be taken into account when developing a management strategy for any of them. The topic of the present work is relevant in the framework of the existing numerous multinational corporations for a better understanding of the management processes which take place in them. Most people work and live in a familiar environment, in the surroundings we were brought up or places similar to this. Accordingly, people that we meet, work with and entertain, are similar to us, due to the fact that they have the same ethnic context, similar viewpoints and religion, the same framework of values, and the same language, that we speak.

The experts describe it with the notion of “ inhabiting a culturally homogeneous space” . (Hoerder)The transition of China's economy towards openness in the area of external economic ties implies the solution of the set tasks for the account of international management expansion, the attraction of the foreign capital in the productive form, and the use of foreign credits. International management in China nowadays is the most developed form of international contacts.

The Chinese international turnover during the years of reforms has grown from $10 billion in 1978 to $325 billion in 1997 (the positive balance equals to more than $40 billion). By the international management volume, China now takes the third place in the world, with its export and import in 2005 equaling to $1422.1 billion. (Lloyd 2006, p. 389)

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