Essays on Topic Review on Performance Appraisals Assignment

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Section/# Analysis of 3 Performance Reviews With regards to the very first performance review, this one is inarguably the worst, the most incomplete, and the least definitive of any actual performance that may or may not have been accomplished within the given period in question. This is ultimately the fault of the fact that the performance review does not have any room for employer or employee feedback; rather, it is a mere running list of checkboxes that should be filled in order to complete the ultimate “check box” of the performance review.

This robs merit from the overall process due to the fact that the checkboxes of excellent, good, fair, and poor do not and cannot display the ultimate complexity of the full range of job functions that the employee might be engaging in any single day of work. Although check boxes are not in and of themselves a bad metric for judging certain aspects of an employee’s performance, they cannot and should not be used solely due to the fact that they cannot express the full range of nuance that is bound to be reflected in any given job.

Moreover, by not allowing the shareholders in the process to make notes and compare the complex determinants of the prior period as compared to the current, there is no means of assessing the situation from both perspectives. As such, this particular approach is flat and incomplete. The secondary performance review exhibits a great many strengths over the first. Namely, these can be enumerated upon by the fact that it denotes for what period the performance review is taking place, allows for the users of the review to both have their input so that both sides can manifestly be exhibited, allows for additional question and metrics to be added due to the fact that it is nearly impossible to create a performance review that adequately captures the full range and functions of each job adequately.

If there could be said to be a drawback to this particular performance evaluation, it would have to be the fact that it does not incorporate any of the elements of the checkboxes that made the previous performance review so weak.

Although relying entirely upon check boxes to indicate an overall mean or score with regards to work performance is unwise, seeking to allow such a system to compliment the other aspects of metrics which are used is quite helpful. The third and final performance review is both the longest and the best one of the others which have thus far been mentioned and discussed. This is due to the fact that it allows for both shareholders comments, a discussion of the total range of responsibilities of the employee in question, the use of check boxes to denote the overall satisfaction that the employer can measure from the functions that the employee is tasked with performing, as well as the fact that it incorporates an assessment plan at the conclusion to help seek to rectify any issues that the performance review might have turned up.

Work Consulted West Bend School District: Managing Performance of Support Staff, 2011-2012.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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