Essays on Clothing-Retailing Industry Case Study

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The paper "Clothing-Retailing Industry" is a good example of a marketing case study.   Clothing- retail industry is an industry, which is heterogeneous and diverse, and it carries several activities that originate from fabrics and yarns being transformed from fibers thus resulting into many different types of products such as bed- linen, clothing, industrial fibers, wool, geotextiles and synthetic yarns of hi-tech etc. It can also be described as a standard size of clothing produced in large quantities and it is already finished thus being ready to wear and in most cases is sold in retail shops (Nadine Pahl, 2009).

These clothes are not made under any order of a customer according to their design or personal likes such as the fitting clothes to them and they do not need to be tempered with so that they can be worn. Industry overview Size of the industry: - The industry stores of clothing accessories and clothing and other subsectors contain three groups: - Clothing Stores- This is the place where the clothing industry stores its output which is ready for marketing and the products kept here are only the garments. Shoe Stores- Shoes are another type of clothing mainly made for the legs and there are stores made by the shoe manufacture whereby they are stored thus being prepared for marketing as a new product (Nadine Pahl, 2009, p.

93). Luggage, Jewelry and Leather Goods Stores- It is a preservation area where all the leather goods, the luggage and Jewelry are stored while ready for their future marketing. Success factors in clothing industry include: - Several factors characterize the success of the clothing industry. These factors include; the quality of the product the industry sales; in order, the clothing industry can easily succeed, it has to produce quality clothing which in return will highly attract more customers to buy the clothing.

Relevancy of the product the industry is selling is another characteristic, which has lead to the success of the industry. In most cases, if it is cold the industry might decide to produce scuffs being sure that many customers will be attracted by the new make and they will buy it (Nadine Pahl, 2009). The ability to have new customers also characterizes the success of the clothing industry whereby if the industry is able to produce the current clothing they will not lose the market.

The current fusions in the market that makes most people feel stylish and unique so the clothing industry keeps on changing the styles they have into ones that are more attractive so that they can be on-demand. Lastly, high concentration of a certain age group also contributes to the industry’ s success since if it is a certain group of teenage girls, there will be a certain influence on the kind of clothing they have and this will affect the industry positively if they produce these cloths (Nadine Pahl, 2009). Characteristics- The industry has been growing drastically for some time now and this is because of the keen observation of the requirement for the successful clothing industry.

However, the industry has never acquired its full potential which different from the expectation of the majority. Due to an increased production that is caused by the growth, the clothing industry is also able to produce more units thus increasing the rates at which these units are being sold.

Employment is another characteristic for the industry whereby a large number of people have been able to get jobs in the industry and get some money according to the level of working (Nadine Pahl, 2009, p. 82).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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