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The paper "Press Release, Virgin Blue, Blackberry" is a great example of a marketing assignment.   The role of the press release is a highly significant method through which information can be circulated among the people and through which awareness can be created in society. The two press releases that have been studied in the paper are the press release of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and the Department of Health and Ageing. The press releases that have been studied reflect the usual format that is followed by any press release. There is a heading, which has been adopted by each, which gives a clear understanding of the subject and the aim of the press release.

Following this, the information that the press release aims to relate has been elaborated. This is followed by the background information of the company that is involved so that any additional information that may be required is available, and this is followed by the official website of the company which is provided so that it can be accessed by the media as and when required. The first Press release can be seen at http: //www. pvct. com/pressrelease. html? article=20101105b, which is about the release of the PV 10 and the impact that it will have on the health sector of the Australian society.

It has collaborated with the Department of Health and Ageing whereas the other Press Release can be viewed at http: //www. newsroom. immi. gov. au/media_releases/876, which was released by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship of the Australian government, which gives information about the Australian of the Year awards of 2011 awards where the Local Hero award has been awarded to Alan Jessop for service to the community.

Both the press release followed the format of a press release but the latter did lack the information of the media personnel who can be contacted if required (Cutlip, SM, Centre, AH & Broom, GM 2000). Week 10 Virgin Blue an airline company functioning in the country of Australia, and in the year of 2007, launched a whole advertisement campaign series when it launched it is cheap and ‘ no frill’ airlines in the country so as to ensure that there can be awareness created in the market about its new line of airlines which is cheap and addresses only the basic needs of the customers.

In the ad “ Todd’ s Life” , where Todd toy breaks free of the Single toy pack and moves around to the next stage which is a family pack which has a wife and a son and a daughter, then the girlfriend and a boyfriend, then midlife crisis with a racy car and flashy girlfriend and the last box hold the twilight years. The ad line said “ Life shouldn’ t come in pre-packaged (Duncan 2007). Fly Virgin Blue and get What You Want” , where the theme is that the product allows the customers to make choices in accordance with their needs and gives them space for rational thought.

This is the basic aim of the advertisement which ensures that the customers feel empowered and thus feel attracted towards the product and opt for the airlines.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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