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The paper "Total Quality Management Analysis" is a great example of a Management essay.   Alliant health system is primarily a healthcare organization whose hospitals have superior resources for patients with diabetes and cancer. Recently, as a result of issues related to the cost of health care, the organization has tried to improve its quality so as reduce the cost and increase its effectiveness.   As such, the corporation resulted in total quality management (TQM) which addresses several issues as discussed below. It is important to note that TQM was mainly based on the molding of culture and structure and as such focused on teams and planning. One of the strategies was a shift from the traditional systems of operation which mainly involved employees identifying, or participating in the identification of problems, being part of the team to solve the problems, and making decisions via various tools including QITs.

The new strategy, therefore, involved or targeted ensuring that there was increased job involvement as one of the ways of integrating total quality approaches (Case study 1  2). As such, this strategy primarily addressed the fact that the jobs were supposed to be more customer-oriented; therefore, allowing more autonomy, feedback, personal growth, and variety.

As a result, activities in the organization were characterized by teamwork which consequently led to the group taking over some specific management functions. However, it is important to note that this kind of ‘ evolution’ was somehow unexpected given the fact that most employees in the organization describe this situation as by default. About the above, another TQM strategy that was perceived in the corporation is that of the creation   of a self-directed group. Initially, Alliant lost supervisors of various departments; and as such employees started managing the departments by themselves (Case study 1 4).

It is perceived that the employees worked hard leading to great output and job satisfaction.


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Case Study 1, Total Quality Management; Alliant Health System

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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