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Evaluation of ten UK, Customer driven Quality program in the travel service system and simple recommendation to improve the customer driven Quality program of ten UKThe customer categories of ten UK and the very few and many customers of ten UK In the evaluation of Customer Quality program I have chosen ten UK and chosen to study the customer quality program of the travel business system. The ten UK is a global provider of services for many market segments in the Life Style management Industry. Its major categories of services are in travel services, motor services, entertainment services, retail services, body & mind services, home services, family services, finance and business services, home improvements.

As I am going to evaluate and give simple recommendations of travel services business system customer quality program the travel services are categorized in to booking flights, booking trains, booking hotels, package tours, tailor made tours, ski services, car hire, travel extras to predict where a particular customer wants to travel based on the experience of a particular customer travel history and the knowledge of many countries tourist destinations of ten staff.

The useful many customer groups of ten UK come from families of various demographic types, Individuals from various cultural backgrounds around the world, sports groups and clubs, corporate customers. The very few come from specific corporate relationship and contracts it has with corporate customers and the travel services provided to them. The very few customers for the ten UK come from corporate sector for employees such as Microsoft, DLA PIPER, UBS, Cadbury, Schweppes, PEPSICO, Simmons & Simmons and O2 and also can come from Luxury Band sector such as VERTU, BANYAN TREE and Mr and Mrs Smith. Identification of customer voice by ten UK within the travel system categories and the benefits package it offers to each travel customer groupIn ten UK the useful many customer voice come from their specific inquiries for various travel services and from past customer experience of staff of a particular customer they services in the past.

For the corporate employees or the few customers in the corporate employee group it comes from their specific contracts they have with different corporate employee sector group of customers.

For the many customer groups the travel services system it provides benefits packages that they prefer tailor made to their specific travel needs in terms of price, quality, time savings and negotiating power to get the best travel services possible to suit the travel services they prefer and can afford using their vast experience and their net work of suppliers around the world. That is the travel system of ten UK provides to useful many customers value for money, time saving and negotiating power and quality and price, which is suited for the customers specific travel needs and their budget.

In effect the benefit package is aligned to the customers travel needs and aspirations and their affordability and the purpose of travel and accommodation needs and the travel product reflect the benefits expected by the customer and it is tailor made to satisfy the expected benefits in monetary and non monetary terms in terms of quality and service level in pre and post travel service.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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