Essays on Total Quality Management and Supply Chain Management Assignment

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The paper "Total Quality Management and Supply Chain Management" is a great example of a management assignment.   The actions of the hostess as demonstrated in the case are inconsistent with the customer-focused quality philosophy. Considering the service delivery of the hostess, she was not focusing on the needs of the customers. The philosophy of customer-focused quality embraces considering the interests of the clients in the process of offering the necessary services that can meet their needs. The hostess failed to ensure that the services offered can meet the needs of the customers hence leading to poor services.

The level of quality of the services offered is usually determined by the responsiveness of the service provider. The environment that the hostess provided to Mark could not ensure that the customer was satisfied as she was not concerned with his needs. Despite the fact that the client had a missing reservation, the hostess could have ensured that the client is satisfied. The management of the downtown hotel has failed to make sure that the employees have to tee necessary professional skills for ensuring that the services offered are in a position to meet the needs of the customers (Hung, et al.

2010). If the hostess had the necessary expertise could have ensured that the service delivery was excellent to rectify the challenges that were facing Mark after realizing the reservation was missing. The inconsistency of the philosophy of customer-focused quality philosophy can be attributed to the poor service encounter of Mark. The hostess failed to help in meeting the expectations of Mark despite the fact that the reservation of the client was missing. The actions of the hostess demonstrated the lack of concern for the needs of Mark even after she realized that the customer was angry.

For instance, the moment Mark requested to see the manager, the hostess was reluctant to let him see the manager instead she told Mark that she was the manager. Such a response is an indication of how unprofessional the hostess was as she failed to have the necessary skills of handling disputes between the customer and the hotel.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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