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Tourism analysis destination for Dubai. Introduction Dubai is one of the countries that have been enjoying its wealth from the services provided in the tourism industry sector. Its fine sands and the silent cool hotels all over the region, has provided a major attraction site to various customers all over the world. Dubai country is a city that is international. That has its various competitors all over the world, from Eastern Asia, the USA and Europe. Dubai is said to have received a total number of 6.1 million tourists in 2008 than its previous year (Stokes, 2000).

It has been vividly seen that the only way an organization can excel in its activities, is by instituting prior planning, while taking measurable strategies that can be implemented in order to work towards the set objectives and attain its goals. In this case, Dubai has worked hard to develop the region and to have alternative cause of action they can rely on, in case of economic crisis. It has been well known that, most of the previous activities were production and manufacturing of oil. 1.Originality of tourism and hotel development. Impetus to tourismThe tourism industry in Dubai has grown from the roots to its current state as a multi-billion industry which is not only a backbone to Dubai's economy but has gained international status as a tourism destination.

Several factors triggered the growth of the tourism industry in Dubai and they include the need for Dubai to diversify its economy from mere dependency on oil and natural gas to diversifying its economy. Dubai has for a long time been a reserve for oil and natural gas, however, the use of oil has been diminishing and thus the need to diversify.

This caused the tourism industry to boom. The government of Dubai created an enabling environment for the growth of tourism by building infrastructure such as roads and more hotels to trigger the growth of tourism in Dubai. The government of Dubai also gave credit facilities to constructor and invited foreign investors in Dubai. This worked in the favor of increasing tourism in Dubai. The government of Dubai collaborated with the media to advertise and update what is in Dubai.

Thus it was converted from a naturally dry land to a center for trade and business. This worked positively to trigger the growth of the tourism industry in Dubai. The reason why Dubai succeeded. The main success of Dubai was as a result of the resources that were available in the country. (Bryan, & , Rafferty, 1999)One of the richest resources was the oil lying underneath. That was traded on the different regions of the country. Its vividly known that oil is one of the important natural resources that is mostly exported in the middle east.

The second that they have really used to succeed is by changing 90% of the countries desert to an international financial market. Many foreign individuals have shown great interest in investing in Dubai while making huge profits thus leading to the growth and development of the country of Dubai. This also led to the development of the most known image of the Dubai. Some regard it as the icon of Dubai. Its named as Burj Al Arab which has been ranked as the only world’s number one 7 star hotel that has led to the most success of Dubai country since it has been an attraction site for many of the tourists.

Strong features it portrayed in the region brought about its success. Various investors from different regions of the word, contributed allot since they could start their businesses while trading within and without the region, while going to an extent of trading oversees. The more people visited Dubai, the revenue it developed since tourist could pay for hotel facilities, meals and transport while travelling to different attraction sites.

Until this time, there other famous places and big hotels that have been built up.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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