Essays on Funded Tourism of United States Agency for International Development Assignment

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The paper "Funded Tourism of the United States Agency for International Development" is a wonderful example of an assignment on category. USAID is an abbreviation for United States Agency for International Development. It was formed on November 3, 1961, by the then United States president John F Kennedy to give a helping hand to the struggling counties to improve their life condition, disaster recovery and give the people development strategies that will help improve their lifestyle (BUTTERFIELD 2000, pg89). It has it’ s headquarter located in the Ronald Reagan Building Washington, D C.

It covers places such as Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Europe. USAID is funded by United States government agencies, universities, and private companies. USAID is involved majorly in countries in need such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Thailand, Pakistan, and Djibouti. The kind of help they offer can be subdivided into two major categories of either financial or technical (ESSEX 2013, pg76). Technical is knowledge-based and involves giving advice to people or organization, training, offering a scholarship for students to enhance their knowledge, giving help in some material form depending on the situation and finally doing construction work which might be from scratch or meant for rehabilitation (CRANE 2009, pg45).

However much support comes in terms of the financial solution especially in areas where they are called upon to assist or get involve indirectly when an NGO they fund is engaged in the given project. United States Agency for International Development initially provided financial assistance through loaning but not anymore as they now majorly use no reimbursable grants. USAID is never independent as it may appear but works in line with the foreign policy under the close guidance of the secretary of state and the National Security Council.

These entire development agenda is implemented courtesy of the authorization from Congress in an act of parliament referred to as a foreign assistant act (USAID overview, 2013). Normally the objectives of most the project are not primarily tourist-oriented like in the case of dam constructions but on the conclusion, the project ends up being a tourist attraction point. Depending on the nature of the surrounding fall, the landscape and information dissemination (advertisement) about the fall, a lot of tourists may come in to admire the micro weather, the environment shape, the energy change and the construction system all attract attention. Tourism is one of the world major sources of employment and it helps raise the GDP of a given country.

Therefore tourism has been viewed as a key to promoting development hence helpful in achieving the USAID strategic objectives which are economic growth, poverty reduction, biodiversity conservation and natural resources management (USAID overview, 2013).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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