Essays on Fraser Coasts Tourism Strategy that Aligns with a Transformative Destination Management Strategy Coursework

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The paper "Fraser Coast’ s Tourism Strategy that Aligns with a Transformative Destination Management Strategy" is an outstanding example of marketing coursework.   According to Queensland DMO, Tourism and Events Queensland, Fraser coast is a leading global destination that will by 2016 be recognized for its personal natural encounters and whale experience (Tourism and Events Queensland, 2011). The world-heritage-listed Fraser Island and Hervey bay provide the major attractions and experiences for tourist in Queensland destinations. These two icons of Queensland tourism inform the two outstanding themes of HERO experiences in Queensland (Fraser coast and whale watching) (Tourism and Events Queensland, 2013).

To actualize the strategic growth goal of 2016, Tourism and Events Queensland recognizes the need for coordinated marketing and promotion, innovative product development and industry development (Tourism and Events Queensland, 2011). Tourism and Events Queensland in partnership with Queensland's regional tourism organizations developed key strategies to drive sustainable growth to 2016. The strategies are in line with the understanding that, what persuades a potential visitor to a holiday, is a destination’ s ability to engage in unforgettable and truly inspiring experiences. The experiences should touch the visitors in an emotional way and connect them with special places, people and cultures (Tourism and event Queensland, 2014). Tourism and Events Queensland strategy identifies three domestic market segments from four target markets.

The three segments are connectors, Social fun-seekers and active explorers. Connectors are tourists from Brisbane and regional Queensland who regard holidays as a chance to connect with people they care most about. Social fun-seekers from Melbourne and Sidney view the holiday as opportunities to have fun with close and new friends. Active explorers in Brisbane prefer holidays that are all about pushing boundaries through physical activity challenges (Tourism and Events Queensland, 2011). The marketing and promotion plan adopted by Tourism and Events Queensland in the Fraser Coast destination tourism strategy is marketed under the Brand Queensland framework.

The framework is anchored on four key experience themes: Queensland Lifestyle, Natural encounters, Adventure and the island & beach experience. The marketing efforts should showcase Fraser Coast’ s two key signature experiences are: the spectacular world heritage-listed Fraser Island and Australia’ s number one ‘ up close and personal’ whale encounters (Tourism and Events Queensland, 2011).

The local tourism industry in Australia is the main focus market for the two experiences in the strategy. Tourism and Events Queensland strategy document and the policy framework by the Queensland government suggest a concerted effort to market experience tourism in Queensland (Tourism and Events Queensland, 2011). By identifying the experience needs of the key domestic target markets, the Tourism and Events Queensland strategy aligns with a transformative destination management strategy being considered in this paper. Transformative experiences extend experience economy concept by focusing on adventurous and challenging activities that grow, develop and change an individual (Ross, 2008).

Tourism and Events Queensland strategy intends to promote Fraser coast’ s natural experiences and Beach adventures which can also serve as transformative experiences tourism. Potential target market The potential target market for this transformative experience destination strategy is the fun-seeking, active explorers in Brisbane. This target market comprises individuals who want to have fun with people close to them and also engage in exploration activities. The transformational fun experience at Harvey beach will strengthen the social bonds between close friends and families through fun activities.

People can swim with humpback whales, kayak, and go for a team fishing expedition at Harvey bay (Tourism Fraser Coast, 2014). Exploration of Fraser Island natural features such as freshwater lakes, wetlands, 1000-year old rainforest will reconnect individual tourist with the beauty and serenity of nature. Fraser Island provides just the best transformational experience for the identified target market (Tourism Fraser Coast, 2014).


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