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Operations Plan for an Online Tourism Business1.0 IntroductionThe main selling point of Sanrina will be the selling of destinations. Destinations are viewed by the tourist as the externally facing element of the tourism service which is where the main selling points of the tourism products occur (South Australian Tourism Commission, 2004). This will be the core business of Sabrina. At a global scale, growth of domestic and international tourism in Australia has led to the exponential increase of places seeking to create and develop their tourist potential. Sabrina will focus on the principle of online development of destination information.

2.0 Operations2.1 Headquarters / Office LocationWhile gathering the research on the online segment of the Tourism businesses nationwide, we found out that customers are seeking an experience. Australian key motivations and needs for the experience seeker are: 1. Aboriginal Australia 2. Australian Nature - Unique plants and exciting wildlife), outback Australia (gigantic open spaces). 3. Aussie Coastal Lifestyle - Diverse not crowded and coastal experiences). 4. Food and wine - Australian fabulous foods and wines served by friendly Aussies in fabulous locations) 5.

Australian major cities - the Australian way of life and culture) and 6. Australian Journeys - Diversity, the wonders, the towns, the people and their lifestyle) (South Australian Tourism Commission, 2004). We also discovered that the easiest way of addressing this issue is not only through locating the business online but also by locating our facilities and sales staff in technology centers such as; Australian Technology Park. Major cities such as Sydney. Outlying areas such as; Cairns, Gold Coast, Fraiser island, Magnetic island, Whitsundays, Ayers Rocks, Great ocean road, Kakadu National Park and Tasmania (Portal Oceania, 2001) The Sydney financial District and Industrial parks which have a high population of youthful and technology savvy gamers.

(Queensland Government, 2010). These will not necessarily be offices for running the business since it is mainly an online venture. They will act as centers where business customers and online travel enthusiasts will be able to meet both online and face to face to talk about business agreements, drop in for tours and demos and connect by phone with the support team. These will also act as centers for product development.

We also discovered other items that are of importance to the prospective tourism customer in Australia such as; entertainment, the shopping experiences that a location can offer and the nightlife. we plan to offer optimum environmental conditions, as well as incorporate necessary space for our online operations and also offer easy freeway exit and return for customers arriving from airports (Pike, 2008). This is important for our customers since it will ease the worries that come with travelling to new places. It will also be a way of coordinating the activities of the venture.

Future offices will be designed to provide the same convenience, access as well as low overhead and space to meet the growing demand that we anticipate will continue to provide prospective customers the type of experience they will be expecting. 3.0 Rental AgreementOffice space will be rented. It will be retrofitted to support our online activities and requirements for; system expansions, broadband connections availability, 24 hours guaranteed environmental control, proximity to other businesses that are of importance to Sanrina, as well as telecommunications connectivity (DFID Caribbean, 2011).

This will be vital to our customers since they will be expecting us to provide high availability, balance and be accessible.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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