Essays on Tourism Voluntarism in the Form of Community Development Term Paper

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The paper "Tourism Voluntarism in the Form of Community Development" is a brilliant example of a term paper on tourism. Tourism is the leading provider of foreign export in most countries; the income originates from the local and foreign tourists in the host countries. The business plan extensively covers the tourism activities in the country and in the global contexts. Volunteer tourism involves individuals combining holidays and or holiday trips with the opportunity to volunteer in the local community. Globalizations of the world make it easy for an individual to look for e-tourism destinations all over the world.

Tourisms opportunities are available in areas like an animal and land conservation and plant husbandry, building works, health services, community development, and teaching. The IMC plan deals with the tourism voluntarism in the form of community development and enlightening the community of the local tourism ventures. Voluntary tourism in the local community will involve search and venture into the locally available tourism ventures in the local context. 2.0 CHAPTER TWO 2.1.1 Literature review Community development involves the initiation of local projects for the common benefit of the community members at large.

Different destinations in the community are viable for local tourism. Voluntary tourists will tap into the unduly utilized opportunities in the market. The original remains of cradle land for humankind. Local responsiveness and attachment of the community in the tourism initiative will determine the success of voluntary tourism in the community context. Voluntary tourism aims at local community sustainability. This is in the form of engaging the local community in productive cravings and carvings of tools to reflect the culture of the community. The voluntary tourism ought to look for global experience so as to be relevant in the other communities.

Voluntary travels and vacations around the community will enhance locals realize the business nature of tourism. The essence of local tourism is a mission to fully engage the locals in understanding that tourism is also able to be conducted in a productive manner. Voluntary tourism can take the form of promoting cross-cultural interaction among the diverse cultural practices in the community. The local community members will learn to coexist with the absorption of diverse cultural practices in the community.

The local participants will send organizations in the community to search for possible voluntary tourism destinations. Voluntary tourism will uphold the principles of saving the world in a short period of time. There are different forms of sustainable community-based tourism. The common forms f this sustainable tourism include eco-tourism, programs for the poor, participatory tourism and other forms of voluntary tourism. The desire to learn more about the birds and animal communities in the environment is a sustainable form of sustainable and community based voluntary tourism.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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