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The paper "Toyota Analysis" is an amazing example of a Business case study.   Toyota Company is a leading car manufacturer, which assembles and distributes cars globally. The company prides itself on technological know-how, a reason that has reinforced the firm’ s supremacy in the automobile industry. use good management, innovation, and demographics. The market structure that Toyota Company operates is perceived differently; some term it monopoly, for the fact that the firm is a leading player in car exportation especially in developing countries (Hiroshu, 2012). Also, the market structure is viewed as an oligopoly, because of the presence of other main players in the automobile industry like General Motors.

Toyota is keen to understand competitors’ interventions and strategies at the market and respond to them accordingly by perfecting on its core competencies and capabilities. Corporate Strategies and Plan Toyota Company embraces three basic corporate strategies that are founded in the general operation of its market and business plan. This includes the mission statement of the firm, the firm’ s goals and core competency, and sustainable competitive advantage. Mission Statement of Toyota Company Toyota Company focuses on making the world a more flourishing society through the production and distribution of automobiles.

This makes the firm to be geared towards attaining steady and long-lasting growth and development in the future (Official Toyota Website). The achievement is meant to be harmonized by more than a few aspects which comprise of considerable surroundings, market demographics, internal environment, financial condition, value chain activities, and availability of resources. Toyota’ s Goals The firm is devoted to the provision of hybrid cars for each of the models it sells in the marketplace. This is intended to boost the Company’ s overall sales of above one million hybrid vehicles worldwide each year (Official Toyota Website).

The Company has developed its 2011/2012 Environmental Action Plan which enclosed in six diverse areas, namely; (1) Environmental Management (2) Changes in Energy and Climate (3) Quality of Air (4) Concerned Substances (5) Aspects of Recycling and Improved Resource Utilisation and (6) Societal Cooperation. Toyota Company is dedicated to trim down carbon dioxide emission and it’ s assumed to take collective actions of making sure that the environment is conserved appropriately through the utilization of declared fuel economy values. Core Competency of and Sustainable Competitive Advantage The Company is committed towards the attainment of a better and more sustainable economy by being a market leader in the production and exportation of automobiles.

The latest technology has enabled the firm to venture into diverse strategies like manufacturing of hybrid vehicles, a move that is likely to improve its growth and development over a given period of time. This will also help it achieve its set goals and objectives in the automobile industry. The Research and Development Division of Toyota Company is staffed with experienced professionals of diverse experience in the industry, an aspect expected to keep it at top of the international market in product and service delivery.

In addition, the Company’ s varied distribution network around the world is believed to a factor that could extend its market to bigger levels (Official Toyota Website).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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