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The paper "Toyota Motor Corporation - Marketing Strategies" is a good example of a marketing case study.   Incorporated in the year 1933 and based out of Japan, Toyota Motor Corporation operates in the automotive sector world over. The company has roughly around 219 subsidiaries globally of which 53 companies were accounted through the equity method. The company is into designing, manufacturing, assembling and sales of the cars and heavy utility vehicles of different variants. Under the heavy utility vehicles, the company manufactures minivans, trucks and other related parts. Toyota was one of the first companies in the world to produce a hybrid car named Prius, which runs on gasoline engine and motor.

Some of the other cars that use conventional engines and have been present in the global industry are Corolla sedan and Yaris brand. The mid-sized vehicles such as Toyota Camry, Allion, Mark X and Premio have been some of the cars which have improved the company’ s bottom-line over the years. In the luxury segment, Lexus, Century limousine and Crown are some of the best-known brands in the industry.

Additionally, the company offers sports utility vehicles such as Lexus SC, Scion TC, Highlander, and FJ Cruiser. In the pickup trucks segment, Tacoma and Tundra provide a diverse product portfolio. The company also offers heavy utility vehicles that are primarily used for the purpose of transportation as well as construction. The company is present in the category of 4 to 8 tons load capacity vehicle manufacturing, and also into small trucks segment with 2 to 4 tons capacity. (Hemscott 2006) Apart from manufacturing vehicles, the company also provides finance options to the dealers and customers who desire to lease or purchase products from Toyota.

Some of the other peripheral business segments that help in increasing the sales margin for Toyota are information technology-related businesses and offering e-commerce. Gazoo. com has been one of the Web sites launched by Toyota in order to increase their business in the Webspace. The intelligent systems designed by Toyota provides technology such as car multimedia system, advanced transportation tracking devises, logistics systems, transportation infrastructure, and onboard intelligent systems to the customers. Over the period of time, Toyota has been able to expand its business in various geographies which include North America, Europe and Asia.

Being headquartered in Japan, the company has a major market share in that country.   Market Share As per the reports released by Associated Press, sales of Toyota surpassed General Motors in the first quarter of 2008. The company sold 2.41 million vehicles globally between January to March 2008. In comparison, General Motors sales figure stood at 2.25 million for the same period. Per analyst view, in order to survive in the industry for a longer period of time, Toyota would have to maintain its presence in all the geographies that it operates currently.

With the increase in the oil prices, denting the revenue figures for all the automobile manufacturers, it needs to be seen how the hybrid cars would be a catalyst in defining the shift in the company’ s business model. Although Toyota and its peers saw a decline in sales from North America and Europe, their operations in Asia helped them in increasing their global sales by 3 percent. Although Toyota has been able to become the market leader in the global scenario, General Motors thrust to market their product in China can also be seen as a caveat for Toyota in surpassing them as a number one world automobile company.

In addition, GM is also envisaging of launching Buick Invicta in China which may be one of the factors that might thrust their sales figures significantly. (Toyota Claims 2008)

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