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The paper 'Traffic Accidents in Saudi Arabia" is a good example of a management case study. It is universally acknowledged that the development realized through modern civilization can bring with it an increase in the number of cities and population growth (Bartley 2008, 48). Additionally, the development also plays a very important role in necessitating economic and social changes such as transportation or the capability of moving from one particular place to another safely. In essence, transport has developed into one of the basic requirements of life because most firms and businesses are independent hence making them relocate to urban centers.

Some scholars have gone ahead to suggest some potential reasons why transport has become a necessity in the modern era. Some of the reasons and issues that emerged, as a result, include; increasing economies of scale in public services and education, improved welfare standards, increased leisure time, and improved infrastructure which makes an increasing number of individuals to travel to access this infrastructure (Bartley 2008, 50). Moreover, it is believed that the demand and the usage of transportation have moved individuals to develop an urge of possessing their cars and vehicles.

In the process, most of them possess cars without even being aware of or undergoing necessary training as far as road safety is concerned globe (United Nations Human Settlements Programme 2007, 47). Apparently, it is this ignorant behavior by drivers that have played a very primary role in traffic accidents in Saudi Arabia. As of recent, very few research works have been done on the causes of traffic accidents in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, using appropriate literature reviews, questionnaires, interviews, and appropriate Risk Assessment Framework, this research essay aims at programs, this research essay aims at examining the effects and the causes of traffic accidents in Saudi Arabia and suggest possible measures of curbing this challenge. Information about traffic systems in Saudi Arabia The growing levels of transportation facilities such as cars in Saudi Arabia are one of the reasons why accident levels on the roads are on the increase globe (United Nations Human Settlements Programme 2007, 48).

As a result, it has established itself as a primary concern among the members of the public in many countries owing to the fact that traffic accidents result in serious, devastating social, personal, and economic consequences.



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