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The paper "Training and Development in McDonald’ s" is a wonderful example of an essay on human resources. Training and development is a field that comes under the human resource management department of any organization. Training is considered a learning process through which an individual enhances his/her skills and performance while remaining on a particular job. According to Michael Armstrong “ Training is the planned and systematic modification of behavior through learning events, programs, and instruction which enable individuals to achieve the level of knowledge, skills, and competence to carry out their work effectively” .

“ Development, on the other hand, is the growth or realization of a person’ s ability and potential through conscious or unconscious learning and educational experiences” (ACCA, 2010). Training and development bring about many different benefits to both the individual and the organization in which that individual operates. A training and development program may improve the skills and the confidence of an individual and this would eventually motivate the employee to perform in an optimum fashion. There are many different benefits that an organization may derive from a training and development program.

The training and development program may primarily motivate the employees as this program would increase the confidence of the working employees. This increased motivation would lead to better productivity and hence a high-quality performance may be received from the working employees of the organization. The training and development program may also reduce the staff turnover rate and a qualitative training program may produce a dynamic workforce for the organization. There are many different organizations that have indulged in such training and development programs and such programs have brought fruitful results for the organization in different ways.

McDonald’ s is one such organization that has excelled in its respective industry; this is somewhat dedicated to its innovative and intellectual training program. McDonald’ s is the first eatery business to have created such a global training service The Hamburger University is a center created by McDonald’ s in order to train their respective employees. The University has become the company’ s trademark with respect to providing excellent operational training and leadership development programs. McDonald’ s Training program is designed to provide the best training and development skills to its employees.

The focus of the training is towards Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value (QSCV). The company, because of its excellence in training and development, has achieved several credentials and achievements as it is currently recognized as the only active QSR recognized by the unified education body of America and it is globally recognized as the center for excellence in training and development. McDonald’ s follows a step by step program towards training and development and through such a program they have designed a career-enhancing stage. The Management Development Program (MDP) is a program used within the company to furnish the skills of an employee and as the employee passes through all the different levels, he/she gets promoted.

The initial induction within McDonald’ s is as a Trainee Manager and once the employee passes the first stage of the MDP, he is promoted as a 2nd Assistant, the second level of the MDP results in an employee being promoted to the 1st assistant level and finally when an opportunity arises, an employee showing good skills gets promoted as the Restaurant Manager (Management Ladder, 2011).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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