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Training and Development / ADNOC Company ADNOC Distribution was founded in the year 1973 and deals with integrated energy. ADNOC distributes its petroleum services and products internationally and especially within the Arab Emirates. It is one of the largest petroleum companies owned by the government in the Arab Gulf and it incorporates a lot of creativity and innovation. Due to its great success in business over the years, ADNOC has gained respect for its high level of quality and reliability. The activities of the group are many including marketing, refining, production of crude oil, transport and supply and the manufacturing of petrochemicals.

There are joint ventures and about 15 specialists who conduct the company’s activities in both downstream and upstream in integration (Murban 7). What are the main objectives of the training program in the organization? Training and development program is formulated with the intention of attaining certain objectives for the individual and the organization at large. As a result, this program adheres to achieve the following; Improve Quality- The aspect of quality is very crucial. Quality can be broken down in terms of services offered, the quality of the employees, machine quality as well as work culture.

If there is proper training and development, the level of quality can be improved in all the above areas. As a result, the organization will be able to achieve its objectives. Employee performance is very important if an organization is to produce efficient results. Employees have to be treated as resources that need investing in order to produce. One of the main reasons why training is necessary is so that the level of quality in the organization in all areas may be improved for the good of the organization.

Productivity- The organization thrives on making profits. One of the major purposes of an organization is to survive competition and emerge on top. If the level of productivity of the company’s assets is improved, then the organization can experience some good profits. Machinery and equipment can be upgraded and adjusted to increase productivity. In the same case, men as a factor of production need to be upgraded and worked on if productivity is to be enhanced.

It is therefore one of the reasons why training is embarked on so that the organization can get the best out of the employees. Training also acts as a motivator for employees as their intellect is improved and they feel appreciated by the management (Anthony 23-26). Career Development- This may apply to employees who have been in the organization for some time. They also need training in order to improve their careers. A training session may help the employee identify some hidden strengths and talents they have which may be developed and in essence improve productivity and quality.

Human Resources Development- Organizations need to maximize and utilize the resources of the organization. These resources include men who are human resources. Employees form the backbone of any organization and if they grow then the company will also experience growth (Reeves 35-38). Who develops the training program in your organization?

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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