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TaskThe task is to interview a person at Etihad Airways with a view of coming up with a report on the training and development activities at the company. The resource person interviewed was John Hopkins, staff in the human resource department at the Head Office. IntroductionTraining and development involve a group of activities meant to impart skills in the workforces that will enable them to handle what their job requires of them now but also in the years to come (Ruth & Demand, 2013). The leadership of United Arab Emirates seeks to make their capital-Abu Dhabi, the link between the East and West and their national carrier-Emirates Airways, is integral to that end.

The company was started by a decree and a lot of investment put into it; by six months after the royal decree the company was already operational. That explains why Emirates Airways have received awards such as the ‘leading airline in the world’ despite the fact that it was only established in 2003. The company has a staff of more than 8,000 people from over 100 nations.

Despite boasting a rich Arabian culture, their C. E.O James Hogan is Australian. Apart from the airline industry, the parent company has interests in hospitality and tourism as well (Etihad Airways 2013). The need for TrainingThe complexity with training and development efforts in airlines has a lot to do with the many categories of workers to receive the training- pilots, airport staff, cargo handlers and cabin crew to name a few (IATA 2013). The company targets growth rates 8.5% growth every year and by 2015 hopes to handle over 8 million passengers annually (Etihad Airways 2013).

The different languages worldwide, different regulations, hospitality practices calls for extensive training for the whole team. Human resource works hand in hand with other factors of production and the utility derived from them is a directly proportional to the level of guidance accorded. As the company continues to grow, employees are required to shoulder greater responsibility. Technology, including things such as reservation systems keeps on evolving. Workers' attitudes, skills and temperament need to be kept in check in an industry as big as the airline industry (Ruth & Demand, 2013).

All these create a need to continually re-energize the set of skills they possess under the Training and Development programme (T& D). The people targeted for training may either be new or those staff who have been in the organization for some time (Ruth & Demand, 2013). For new staff induction training is quite important so that they grasp the organizational culture at Etihad. For instance, all persons who work for any subsidiary of Etihad must undergo an environmental friendliness course because the company markets itself as a crusader for environmentally friendly business.

Inductions are carried out under the office of a corporate inductions executive who is charged with coming up with activities to enhance smoother integration of new staff into the organization (Etihad Airways 2013). The role of budget making for the induction activities also falls directly in their scope of duties. Etihad Airways has a corporate buddy integration system where new employees are assigned volunteer managers who help them get through their first few weeks at the company. This helps new employees not to feel out of place since their questions can be easily answered as well as their needs addresses.

Apart from the formal corporate buddies, workers take it upon themselves to have social buddies to help new staff fit in. It is all part of efforts to increase job satisfaction and increasing the contentment drawn from the job. As it will be shown, the benefits of these deliberate moves are enormous (Etihad Airways 2013).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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