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AbstractThis training package is designed for the new employees in an organization and indicates how they should be trained in handling the portable fire extinguisher in a case of fire emergency. It gives detailed information in form of a session plan to guide the training process of trainees. The objective is to give the employees skills that enable them to use portable fire extinguisher appropriately. The session plan is intended to go for one (1) hour, and contains information that is important for trainer and also for course design in terms of introduction, assessment and conclusion.

Therefore, the training package has the following key areas: Three instructionally-sound learning objectives for the trainees, Information that support location, layout, equipment (including training aids) and materials and reasons for these, Activities to be done before the training session begins, An introduction and a conclusion, Content that connects training activities, also including topic/activity timings, Instructions for the trainer to allow them to conduct at least one self-managed activity, Assessment of the objectives in the training sessionPackage title: Workplace fire safety trainingSession title: Practice in using portable fire extinguisherTotal time: I hourObjectives: The main objective of the training session is to enable employees know how to use portable fire extinguisher in emergency cases.

Apart from this, employees will be able to acquire skills of handling the portable fire extinguisher, and further, be able to develop knowledge about key features of portable fire extinguisher that are important in emergency situations. Information for the TrainerActivities before the training sessionCollect apparatus to be used in the training sessionEnsure a portable fire extinguisher is providedIdentify the appropriate location for the practical to take placeGet source of fireEnsure availability of fire safety regulations documentEnsure safety of all participating employeesVisual AidsThe session plan will include visual aids that will be used alongside other training materials.

The visual aids will include one that demonstrates how fire is extinguished using the portable fire extinguisher. Another visual aid will be in a form of a flow chart that shows the steps followed in operating a portable fire extinguisher. The last visual aid will have safety rules that workers need to know when dealing with fire. Visual aids are used in the training session given that visual aids have been identified to be important in enabling those being trained to have greater understanding and conceptualization of ideas in a faster manner (Delahaye & Smith 1998). Supporting information about location, layout, equipment and materials The session plan involves demonstrating to employees how to use a portable fire extinguisher in an event of fire emergency.

The session plan will be conducted in a suitable selected room that has enough outside space where fire can be set up for demonstration purposes. The training session is for the seven new recruited staff in the organization.

Effort will be made to ensure the identified location for practical demonstration of safe for all the trainees. The equipment and materials to be used in the session include portable fire extinguisher, a table where demonstration or placing extinguisher will be carried out, match box, few pieces of firewood to start fire. The main reason why a relatively large room with adequate outside space is chosen for the session plan is that it will provide a suitable place and opportunity for the trainer to demonstrate clearly how fire is extinguished using the portable fire extinguisher (Delahaye & Smith 1998).

To ensure that the training is not affected negatively, the trainer will make sure that all materials and equipment for the session have been collected and assembled at the location before the training can start.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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