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Transfer Essay Applicant’s Please write I am currently doing my graduation in the field of Accounting and Finance from of current university. I want to transfer my credit hours to name of the university as I have heard about the quality of education being provided by this university. Finance has always been my area of interest and I want to establish my professional career as a skilled financial manager. My short-term plan is to get admission in some highly reputed university to gain new knowledge and refine my existing accounting skills and knowledge.

I want to transfer my credit hours to this university because I want a better education with better college reputation than the one that I am currently studying in. I believe that a better college name would ensure a better future for me as an employee. Name of the university is known for its brilliant faculty not only in the field of Finance but also in all other subjects being offered by the university. I want to complete my degree under the guidance of highly qualified and experienced faculty of the university.

I have collected information about different business institutes and universities and have concluded that name of the university would be the most suitable place for me as its state-of-the-art education would not only help me fulfill my personal and professional goals but also would help me serve my nation as a skilled professional. I am sending this application to get my credit hours transferred to this university with Finance as my major. I would be grateful if the authorities accept my application. I am looking forward to hear from you soon. Please write your name here 03st of March 2015

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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